Start using Google right now. It’s free!

Start using Google right now. It’s free!

So here’s the thing.

You know you need to be online marketing for your small business, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.

I can dig that. I’m with you, my friend.

If only there was some kind of magic free tool that almost anyone could use and would help me reach more people.

The answer is definitely, through Google.

Maria Elena Duron, who’s with us in the Coach Yu show, is actually one of the 14 Google Trainers, and she’s open to

talk about Google tools. She was chosen because she served clients and was able to market as well.  It’s nice to be able

to see and be able to speak for small businesses and advocate for what’s being launched.

What are all the different Google tools?

There’s a lot of myths out there and you might be aware of a few. For example, like the business profile on Google

search and maps, many know it as Google my business or GMB.

Google places is a Google service that allows businesses to manage their online presence. In addition to an enhanced

Google profile, they can use it to claim and edit the business information on Google Maps, including user-generated

photos of storefronts.

Google merchants can be utilized like Google shopping and images as they show up in the search tab. It’s available

almost anywhere in the world, which makes it a great tool for people to show up and to be seen in just one other

place. You would think everybody is on the same social network or looking at the same platforms but no, we’re not,

we’re all in different places. 

This makes businesses become more valuable when it comes to lending credibility and verification. Of course, we

wouldn’t forget Google search – .Maria calls that the library, because it’s the biggest library of the world wide web. 

Maria’s strong advocate: if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing.

Of course there’s Google analytics. That’s a great way to measure results.

A lot of people will ask us, why are we out there speaking and presenting this for Google?

Link your Google analytics with your business profile. They can link together and now you can see what happens when

they come to that page of your site and watch the next action. 

It gives you a chance to look at the demographics, a little bit of the geographics of who they are, and now you can

really start measuring. Give yourself a baseline first to see what it’s doing now. And then start looking to see if there’s

some improvements as you go. 

Result? We’ll have lots of improvement because you’ll start seeing that people see information they’re interested in.

Is it something an ordinary person can do?

Absolutely! You can go to, or search on Youtube and you’ll discover guides that can help like Google

Academy, where you can see workshops and recordings making you knowledgeable about Google.

If you’re a small business owner that’s too busy, there are lots of Google partners who can support you and do it for

you. You can connect with them, as these guys have a team to put the work together and set everything up.

Google is the number one search engine for this reason 

The information is correct, and that is because you, a small business owner puts information on it provided that Google

verified it.

So the more that there’s confirmation, you know, it’s you and the information is correct, then the higher you have the

opportunity to be visible when somebody who’s searching for what your product service or solution is, you’ll show up.

You’ll be more visible.

Other businesses don’t tell people about themselves and that’s wrong.

Each of you should have a Google my business – you’re still you and you’re still here just like you speak about. 

Just like me, I’m still Dennis with my personal branding, and you may leave your firm and go somewhere else. Let’s say

we’re in different cities, but we don’t have a physical office. What do we do?

Should we still create a Google My Business profile? Yes.

Some people call it Google listing, but what they can do is they can then they’ll, they’ll actually enter in their physical

address to be able to get a postcard. It looks like a W2 with perforations on the side -you’re going to look for the

confirmation code there. Once you’ve confirmed,what you’ll do then is publish the address and you’ll show that you

serve the area. It gives you the options if you want people to come by your location or not. Wherever you are, you can

designate that, that way you can get confirmed and verified. Once that happens, you now at least show you serve the


What are some of the common mistakes that people make around things like this?

  • When they’re competing with their own website, they don’t want to do a business profile.

I don’t want to compete with myself, but really that’s a different frame of mind. Think about that. You are actually

having the opportunity to have two or three races to your horses at the same time, giving yourself a better opportunity

to win the race and win the business, and becoming visible to your customers according to where they’re looking at.

The key is making sure that everything is back to your site.

  • So on your business profile, make sure you have your website link there.

Like a landing page that’s filled with Google juice and pointed to a page on their site. Don’t make the mistake of

sending it to your homepage. That’s a big mistake they make, not just in their business profile, but also in Google ads

as they want to take them to the homepage and show them everything.

  • But it’s really more important to build your credibility and take them where you told them you’re going to take them.

Now you earn the right once they’re on their page to take them out. Maybe they’re more interested in other things

that you have to offer, but first take them where you told them you’re going to take the free one page website that

comes with the GMB profile. You want to say, you want to link from there, not to your homepage, but to some other

detailed pictures,

In your business profile, you have the opportunity to just put your website! 

I encourage you to put your websites while linking and directing it to your homepage. And with that you can have

add-ons like Learn More, activating different buttons depending on how you customize it. 

I’ve seen people post about a lot of things, posts like they want to celebrate in the highlight a team member, or they’re

talking about a new product, and it makes it a lot of fun.

You can do that with a free site and it wouldn’t be competing with your sites.

What else do we need?

Get started, make sure that you have all of those. And if you’re not, then start looking.

Know what’s happening and if you explore, you’ll definitely catch the excitement.

Dennis Yu

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