How to save and edit Facebook Live videos

If you’re doing a lot of Facebook Live videos, perhaps for a conference, then you may have lamented the inability to edit it. There’s a quick way for you to download any video off of Facebook- here’s how:

On a desktop device, right click and select “Show Video URL”:

A box will pop up. Copy the URL that appears in it:

Now paste it into your address bar, but replace “https://www.” with just “m.”, so that it looks like “….”

You’ll now see the page in Mobile mode, which comes with the ability to save the video file as a .mp4. Simply click “Play” and then look in the bottom right corner.

Your browser will download the movie file into your Downloads folder:

You can now open it in any movie editor to do with as you please. If you don’t have one, you can use an online tool such as to trim out unwanted sections:

And that’s how simple it is to download and edit Facebook Live videos! Note that you can also use this on normal videos as well. Perfect for building your speaker reel or snagging that perfect little clip.



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