Local Restaurant Owners - Here’s a Free Way To Get More Clients Through Your Doors

Where does a normal person go if they want to search for a place to eat nearby?


That’s where most local businesses get their clients from, especially restaurants. There’s also word of mouth, but Google beats that because you can get the information instantly.

You get to see reviews, you get directions, photos, and a lot more in a matter of seconds - and people love that. 

That’s not the only good news. 

Most business owners don’t have a profile on Google, and more than 50% of the existing profiles are not well done. 

So there’s a lot of opportunities for you to come in and get an edge over your competition.

But there’s more… 

Creating a Google My Business profile and making it so good it will eventually rank in the top is something you can do without investing a penny.

That’s right. You can get in front of hundreds and even thousands of people every single day by dedicating a bit of time to Google My Business. 

And guess what - you don’t even need to be a tech expert...

If this is so good, you’re probably wondering why others don’t do it. Well, some do, and they get a lot of benefits from it. 

However, the vast majority don’t have a clue about what power Google holds. 

But you’re lucky because you can watch the webinar below and discover all you need to know about how GMB works, and how to use it to bring in clients.

1 hour of tips and tricks from Dennis Yu, a former Search Engine Engineer at Yahoo with over 20 years of Digital Marketing experience. 

Watch here:

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