Master Touch Pools: Charting the SEO Waters

We recently had an SEO strategy session with Nilson Silva, a business pro and the dynamo behind Master Touch Pools. Our goal? To turbocharge his visibility in the pool service industry, especially focusing on Google My Business (GMB), answering those critical “People Also Ask” questions, and leveraging “near me” keywords as well as location-specific pages. Let’s jump right in.

Nilson Silva’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Over a decade ago, Nilson started with a dream, a truck, and a commitment to excellence. Today, Master Touch Pools is a leading name in South Florida’s pool industry, offering services ranging from cleaning to full-scale construction. But that’s not all. Nilson has a diverse portfolio of several successful companies, such as Schiedulus, Step by Step Pool Service, LeakXperts, ARBuddy which is a SaaS venture, and many more.

Nilsons companies
A look at Nilson Silva’s successful companies

In our session with Nilson, we explored how we could use our digital prowess to propel his business even further.

Digital Expansion Strategies

Our conversation took a deep dive into the digital aspects of expanding a business. Nilson has recently acquired another physical location for Master Touch Pools, from another pool company that went bankrupt, but he emphasized that he’s getting the GMB profile verified under his own company name, highlighting the complexity of digital real estate: 

“I don’t own that domain…that domain has bankruptcy and a bunch of issues with it. – But the location is great. Gets a lot of physical traffic. Two walk-ins over the last couple of days.” 

This way, Nilson benefits from the physical location while keeping his digital footprint separate from the previous business at that address.

Diving into Digital Real Estate with GMB

First up, Google My Business. For anyone who’s aiming to make a splash in the local market, optimizing their GMB profiles is like having a digital billboard on the internet’s busiest highway. 

For Nilson, this meant not just claiming his listings but also optimizing them for all three of his main locations, including Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Weston. 

Master Touch Outdoor Living, Google My Business profile

Properly optimizing GMB profiles is like giving Google a handshake and saying, “We’re the real deal.”

The Magic of Citations

Think of citations as digital nods of approval. Every listing is a signal to Google that Master Touch Pools is a reputable business, deserving of a top spot in local searches. 

But consistency is key. We stressed the importance of maintaining uniformity in the business’s name, address, and phone number across all listings. It’s about building a web of trust, one citation at a time, instead of using software to generate a huge bulk of spammy and fake “citations.”

Videos That Answer Real Questions: The Engagement Magnet

Nilson was eager to roll out short Q&A videos to catch his audience’s attention but stumbled over picking the topics that would truly click with them.

That’s where we introduced him to the gold mine of “People Also Ask” (PAA) on Google.

Ever noticed those “People Also Ask” questions on Google? Those questions aren’t just filling space; they’re pure gold for content creators. 

Here’s the simple game plan we laid out for Nilson:

Pick PAA questions related to “pool cleaning,” “pool remodeling,” and “pool construction” – Master Touch Pool’s core services. Then make short, snappy videos answering them, and boom—you’re not just a pool expert; you’re the pool expert everyone finds first.

To put this into perspective, we did a quick search for “pool cleaning Fort Lauderdale” and explored the PAA section.

People Also Ask questions for the keyword “pool cleaning Fort Lauderdale”

How much does a pool guy cost per month in Florida?
How long does it take to clean a pool?
Should I hire a pool guy?
Why can’t I do it myself?
How often do they come?
Do they make a lot of money? 

These questions aren’t just queries; they’re opportunities. Opportunities for Nilson to connect, educate, and establish Master Touch Pools as the go-to authority in the pool service realm.

Not only would the videos answering these questions be invaluable for SEO, but they would also improve rankings and visibility, turning a curious searcher into a loyal customer faster than you can say “chlorine.”

Tapping into ‘Near Me’ Searches

The rise of “near me” searches is undeniable, with roughly 20% of the local traffic coming through these searches, and for a local service business like Master Touch Pools, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. 

We discussed the strategy of geo-tagging photos to help boost local search visibility. 

A geo-tagged photo in Fort Lauderdale

Imagine capturing a vibrant, geo-tagged photo of your team in action, right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, or perhaps while attending a bustling local conference. It’s about showcasing your presence in the areas you serve, with every photo tagged to a specific location, painting a picture of your active involvement in the community.

Each geo-tagged photo is an authentic EEAT signal to Google as well as potential customers that Master Touch Pools is a real business, doing the thing they say they do, in the places they say they are in.

Expanding Our Keyword Horizon

Nilson’s vision extends beyond the basics; he’s aiming to dominate in areas that encompass cleaning, remodeling, and constructing pools. This isn’t just about being found; it’s about being recognized as the industry authority in a wide array of services.

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A meeting with Nilson Silva in his office

By strategically targeting keywords that encompass the full spectrum of what Master Touch Pools offers, we’re not just chasing visibility. We’re crafting a narrative of excellence and comprehensive service, ensuring that when people search for anything pool-related, Master Touch Pools Service is the first name that surfaces.

Personalized Landing Pages for Every Location

The final piece of our strategy focuses on creating location-specific landing pages. For each area Nilson serves, we agreed there should be a tailored page that not only aids in SEO but also makes potential customers feel seen and understood.

It’s about being the neighborhood’s go-to pool service, one page at a time. 

Wrapping Up Our SEO Strategy Session

By blending GMB optimization, strategic video content, smart use of local SEO tactics with geo-tagged photos, and personalized landing pages, we’re poised to make Master Touch Pools not just visible but irresistible to potential customers.

Key Takeaways for Digital Success:

Our digital world is ever-changing, and staying ahead means being ready to adapt, just like how Nilson has with Master Touch Pools. By focusing on these key strategies, we’re not just planning for growth; we’re setting the stage for a tidal wave of success.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Got questions about elevating your digital presence? Drop them below, and let’s dive into this digital ocean together. Here’s to making waves in your industry!

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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