The Level 1 Virtual Assistant

Your journey to becoming a Level 6 Virtual Assistant starts here!


Let Dennis explain what is expected from you as a Level 1 Virtual Assistant.

What is Do-Delegate-Delete (#DDD) again?


Do-Delegate-Delete, or #DDD, is one of the nine triangles that comprise our Mega Framework of Business Triangle. Here, you will learn to develop personal efficiency. Before you can move on to bigger things, you need to start at the most basic level.

On tasks, Do it now, or don’t do it at all. More time tomorrow is an illusion, as opportunities and corresponding tasks increase.

Delegate when you have resources that can reliably execute, whether they are virtual assistants or specialists while still being ultimately responsible.

On email management, Delete (archive) is your most common option to keep “inbox zero.” So don’t skim; read thoroughly enough once that you can recall or search later.


  1. Know the rules, and follow them.
  2. Make sure you're fully on-boarded.
    • Get your company e-mail address.
    • Sign the contract from DocuSign.
    • Create a Skype account.
    • Add yourself to the Team Roster.
    • Finish the Level 1 Virtual Assistant Training.
    • Learn and understand the 9 Triangles.
    • Read the Operations Process Guide.
    • Find out who your team leader is.
    • Make sure you have access to all files and systems (Google Workspace, YouTube, Basecamp, WordPress, TimeCamp, & LastPass).
  3. Know how to use TimeCamp and how to create an invoice.
  4. Do the test project, and pass with flying colors.
  5. Be on top of your communication (email, Basecamp, & Skype).
    • Don't ignore messages (reply within 24 hours).
    • Never contact Dennis directly (copy him only).
    • Aim for "inbox zero" as much as you can (maximize Boomerang).
    • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication - Know the difference.
    • Understand what RACI means.
    • Practice active listening.
  6. Familiarize yourself with Basecamp.
    • Never ping Dennis.
    • Never mark your own tasks as complete (only managers can do that).
    • Learn how to create continuation threads.
  7. Know who the other team members are and their roles.
  8. Know what "rescue" and "revive" mean.
  9. Prove that you're coachable.
  10. Prove that you're reliable.
  11. Prove that you're resourceful.
  12. Don't procrastinate.
  13. Submit your End-of-Day report consistently.

Before you get overwhelmed...

After reading all the expectations, you may be thinking now that you can't do this. Don't let fear set in. Fear is the enemy.

If you take a closer look at each expectation, you'll realize that they're just basic things that any decent and successful company requires from their employees.

We've worked with a lot of virtual assistants from all over the world. Some have been with us for more than seven years. They all went through the same process you're about to go through, and now, they're doing quite well.

So, take the jump and do everything that's expected of you to move up to the next stage, Level 2.

Check out the 6 Levels Main Page to learn more.


To get you started, here are some resources for you to dive into.


Our Level 1 Virtual Assistant Guide will teach you all the basic things an aspiring virtual assistant needs to know. These include the rules, Basecamp essentials, effective communication, and more.

A lot of new VAs make the mistake of skimming through it just to get done with it. Don't make the same mistake.


You should enroll in our Level 1 Virtual Assistant Course if you want your training to be complete.

You will find everything you need here to become a well-trained virtual assistant. Aside from the guide above, you will also gain access to instructional videos, quizzes, checklists, and more.

Complete the training to earn your badge!

Good luck!