How To Create An Audiogram Using Descript

How To Create An Audiogram Using Descript

How To Create An Audiogram Using Descript

Audiograms are a fantastic way to promote your Pillar Content (Long-form Video) as they grab the attention of scrollers and lure them to learn more by combining eye-catching visuals with a soundbite from your long-form video. 

And one brilliant tool that can help you maximize the benefits of an audiogram is Descript, which allows you to edit videos with just a click away. 

Here, we give an easy-to-follow tutorial on how you can create an audiogram using descript.

Open the Descript application. Create the project by clicking the New button found in the upper right corner. 

If you are not familiar with creating projects with Descript, you can find our video tutorial on this in our library. 

I already prepared our project earlier. This video is from the “Facebook for a Dollar a Day” course. There will be times that your video will be this long and it's fine. You can Export it right away. 

But if you are just to get a portion from a whole video, Select a paragraph for your audiogram. Once you select the parts you need to put on your audiogram, right-click and choose Click to Composition, then New.

Descript will automatically separate your selected clip from the raw video.

Click File, then Export. You will see different kinds of formats on how you want to make it. 

Select Audiogram. Here, you will find different templates from this group itself. Yes, you can still customize it by choosing the color or adding a background image.

You can also add your logo to it.

Once done, click Publish. Wait for it to render.

You can check your video either by viewing it in Explorer or by opening your browser.

That's it! Easy as 1, 2, 3.


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