How to build a personal website on GoDaddy in 3 hours, even if you know nothing about making websites

My name is Ethan Van De Hey. I’m going to share how to create a website for your personal brand.

People don’t really have the time or think they have the time to create a website for themselves. And personally, I was one of those people. I’m a busy college student. I have some part-time jobs. Therefore I do have the want to build a website, but I just thought I didn’t have the time. What I would recommend is block off part of your calendar.

Schedule some time out, maybe 25, 30 minutes, and do some research about it. Look on whatever platform seems appealing to you and for your audience. So that would then allow you to change your marketing habits. And that is essential nowadays, because you want to be up to date on what’s trending.

You want to build your website to make sure that you are being searchable. And that’s one thing that I wasn’t before and now with my personal branding website and all this content I’m going to be putting on it. I will then be able to be searchable on Google, which is definitely a must. So a little bit about my website that I’m building here, as you can see, is this website is all about me and my podcast called Encourage Mindset.

I actually am doing a website builder through GoDaddy and GoDaddy allowed me to purchase my domain. Now it’s allowing me to use my domain, and to create. Website for it. There’s a couple of ways you can build a website through GoDaddy.

And the easiest one to me is just already using a template. Since I feel like a lot of us are just trying to create something simple that’s effective and it looks very clean. I would say this website that I put together looks very clean and you’re probably wondering, wow, this looks really good.

This must’ve taken a long time. During a span of two days, this maybe took me three hours at the most. So the templates really do a lot for you. But when you are putting a personal branding website together, the first thing that I would say that is a must is you should already have a bunch of content created.

If you’re starting from scratch with content and creating a personal website, I would recommend holding off on creating the personal website right now, build your content first. And it just has to be 15 second videos, a minute videos, stuff that can really draw in your target audience.

Once you build all that content, do those regular posts on all the social media platforms. Then you can come in to Go Daddy or whatever website platform you want to use and build a website. I created an account, purchased the domain and then I created a template. But with this template, I changed some things up a bit. You can easily edit the themes the way you want your website to look through color fonts, buttons. I chose some trending fonts that I thought were really appealing and just looked easy on the eyes for colors.

This is a home page where you want to showcase yourself through a very nice professional photo, and a little bio or mission statement. That you are targeting. I’m targeting people that want to be motivated.

I really state that here in my statement. By saying, I want to spread positivity. I want to help crush your fears. I am asking if you’re ready and I think asking a lot of questions will engage more people. Then I have some camera roll of content that I’ve created for my Instagram account.

So very simple content, but it’s, eye-popping. Then I have a button where it shows more of my content if people are interested in reading some of these positive affirmations and motivational little quotes that I’ve created. Additionally. what you want to do on your websites is make sure that you are creating a subscribed now, getting that email, and keep pushing your content.

How did you do this stuff? I simply did it by clicking ad section. When you click the add section you can literally look at what you want. If you’re a podcast or like me, they have a podcast thing, they have all of the images.

If you’re trying to produce some images, they have social where I can put in my socials, my platforms and give them a shout out. People that come to the website can see that too. Just be creative. If you are really struggling on this side of creativity, checkout other people’s personal websites, and maybe you need to look at being recommended on this page . All you have to do is hit add when you want to add something in if you want to talk about something that’s being popular or the pandemic, and here’s some ideas right here, so it’s all over the place. The one thing that I really want to stress is make sure you’re not using stock photos.

Get rid of stock photos. That should not be your focal point. When you’re creating a personal branding website, it should be photos. You’ve taken content. You’ve created all of this stuff should be showcasing you, your skills, your talents. This is all content that I’ve personally created through Canva and Photoshop.

This is pretty much your homepage.

This is where I really wanted to put in more of my content that I’ve been talking about. That’s really important to implement, and that would be all of my YouTube videos that I’ve created with special guests.

How did you embed all of these YouTube videos? All you have to do is go over here, add section and type in the word video. You can even input live streams all through just adding the URL of these videos. For me, I just chose the bottom one, two simple videos on the left and on the right. And you probably see the little descriptions below that.

Furthermore, I always have my socials on every page because I want people to go to those social platforms and follow me. I really want the people that come to my website to check out my podcast.

I believe in Encourage Mindset and I really want to develop people to their full potential. So as I was talking about, you have a podcast ability option. All you have to do is get your RSS feed, which if you’re using like Anchor, for example, as a platform, they already have that RSS feed available for you. You just copy and paste that RSS feed into the link area. Then you’ll get all of your newest episodes to show up.

Also, I wanted to showcase all the platforms that I have available for my podcast and be listened to on. And you’re probably like, why would you do that? It’s because some people might already really enjoy just listening to podcasts on Apple, Spotify, or Google.

Finally “Learn and Implement.” This is my blog category. Blogs can really boost your SEO, your traction to the website. To create these posts, it’s as simple as going to a website ons and clicking blog, and then adding the blog in. I will quickly demonstrate that it’s click blog here and there you go. I can view this blog and edit these blogs. If I want to, I can make them categorized if I want to.

Having a way for the people that come to your website, get in touch with. Calendly then allows individuals to schedule an appointment. I also like providing my phone number and email as another way of contact information.

I think professional-looking photos, just look very pleasing on a website. I’d make sure your content looks good, high-quality images, and personally have fun when you’re building your website, make it creative, make it be like you just make it ultimately something that you’re proud of.

Just use your own content and before you create a personal branding website, make sure you have tons of content available. Keep pushing out that content much as possible.

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Ethan Van De hey
Ethan Van De hey
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