How TLS Insulation Can Build Their SEO and Drive More Leads in Sarasota and Tampa

TLS Insulation is an insulation company based on Southwestern Florida specializing in insulating homes and businesses. Their biggest markets include Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and much of Pinellas County.

They have many keywords covering different search queries you might expect from an installation company.

image 48
TLS Insulation’s Organic Keywords

For example, some of the keywords include “brown attic insulation” and “insulation companies sarasota”. Ideally, they should be ranking on their own name at number 1 for “tls insulation”.

The good news is that many of these keywords rankings are already on the rise.

image 45
Organic Keywords TLS Is Improving On

Examples of this include “insulation tampa” and other related keywords.

Then we take a look at their backlinks, of which there are over 600 currently linking to them.

image 43
TLS Insulation’s DR Score and Overview

What you might find surprising is that despite ranking on 500 keywords with over 600 backlinks, why is their DR score so low?

The DR score is a scorecard for how authoritative and trustworthy a site is according to Google, which can positively impact other aspects of your business.

TLS Insulation is almost a perfect case study for how being linked to from a relevant site can positively affect them.

In the case of TLS, the reason is straightforward for having a low DR score despite being listed on hundreds of organic keywords – the backlinks aren’t high authority.

image 49
TLS Insulation’s Backlinks

Much of these backlinks include local citations and other mentions. However, there’s little link juice being pushed to TLS because no website considered “high authority” by Google is linking to them in a relevant way.

To demonstrate this, let’s use our friends at EternaTurf as an example.

image 44
EternaTurf SEO Example

Notice how even though they’re only ranked on one keyword, they have a DR of 7?

That’s because we’ve linked to them. And as an authoritative site which linked to them in a relevant way, they were able to absorb that link juice and begin transferring it to acquire more keywords.

TLS Insulation has many GMBs for each location.

The most popular by reviews is their Tampa Location.

image 50
TLS Insulation’s Current GMB Locations
image 53
TLS Insulation’s Tampa Location GMB

Why then, is it not linking to their website?

Imagine the SEO power from your site being linked to from a GMB with over 437 reviews – this should be done immediately.

For a local service business they’re in the top 5% of reviews by quantity and should use it.

On LocalFalcon, TLS is dominating Tampa and Pinellas County.

LocalFalcon is a tool which allows us to see where our GMB is performing best based on location.

The results from their most popular Tampa GMB for “insulation contractor” show them absolutely dominating. Particularly around Downtown Tampa, Brandon (where their GMB is based out of) and Apollo Beach.

image 51
TLS’ LocalFalcon Results For Tampa, FL

The great thing about having multiple GMBs is it allows you to spread your influence across many locations.

For example, where it shows TLS losing influence in St. Petersburg is where they have another GMB. For the term “insulation contractor” they’re also dominating there.

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TLS’ LocalFalcon Results For St. Pete, FL

How TLS Insulation Can Optimize Their Website

Whenever we review websites we always look for ways to increase E-E-A-T. This stands for experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

TLS is in a wonderful position in that they already have hundreds of reviews and a 4.9 star rating across all of their GMBs.

Meaning that the heavy lifting has been done – we simply need to broadcast that to our website and in turn, to Google.

One of the easiest ways to do this would be adding a favicon to their website (which can be done in 30 seconds or less).

image 46
TLS’ Website Without a Favicon

Fortunately, TLS Insulation has mountains of documented proof of their work and uses that on their website – meaning no stock images.

This is important because we want to broadcast “trust” signals to Google as often as we can. This being real work being done in the areas the entity claims it’s being done in.

image 52
Examples of Real Images Being Used For TLS’ Website

TLS Insulation should consider using different images per each location service page.

For example, the same images are used in both their Punta Gorda LSP and their Sarasota LSP.

tHZs8XAbdKJ 47u43
TLS’ Punta Gorda Example
image 53
TLS’ Sarasota Example

Interestingly it also appears as though the paragraph below the title has a different location than the title. In Punta Gorda it mentions Venice and in Sarasota it mentions Lakeland.

Examples of using real images include real work being done on job sites in Sarasota as opposed to Punta Gorda. These images tell Google “yes, this is real work we’ve done” and is a higher trust signal than the same image copy and pastes across the website.

TLS Insulation should update their FAQs page to be more relevant to PAA (people also ask) on Google.

Fortunately this can be done automatically with the help of ChatGPT.

image 47
PAA Generation For TLS Example

By answering these questions in a way which demonstrates authority Google can prioritize the website as a leader in installation. Particularly with questions related to Florida’s climate and how that could affect insulation.

TLS Insulation Should Post Content For Repurposing

When we mention SEO we often talk about the need to repurpose existing content.

For the same reason that real images signal trust, real content and stories is another way to elevate the E (experience in E-E-A-T).

Videos taken on job sites explaining how insulation installment works, the benefits, and testimonials all go a long way in elevating those trust signals.

This is complemented by company trucks and real results that are already publicly available online.

Q9rRRWaQMWolA8zurSE2qpvsq9 GU41Pssjr6JXK9v7cu5w9nHRzmT9kGTZqC9qDaPUfDuRvByL8kysEhjzrLQJWZdWnC2GlA692eyXGaHZVlrIg34kNMGNJVw4sM043kkDAA5sb8u oTMUGi6eMJu8
Real Images of TLS Workers In Action

Longform videos can then be repurposed across YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more!

Just like how digital marketing is about amplifying what’s already working, we’re amplifying our trust across multiple channels.

TLS Should Use The Geo-Category Grid And Start Networking

The Geo-Grid is a concept of using the authority of other businesses in your area, or other businesses outside of your area doing similar services.

image 2
Tampa Geo-Grid Example

Attached is a diagram we made for another Tampa based business – Oasis IV Therapy.

The point of using this is collaboration with mutual benefit.

This isn’t anything blackhat and doesn’t violate E-E-A-T as we’re amplifying authority for others.

TLS Insulation should collaborate with other insulation companies outside of their Florida service area with blog posts and videos.

Or TLS Insulation could collaborate with other businesses in Tampa like Oasis IV Therapy who don’t do insulation.

By doing this, we signal to Google “Yes – we are based in Tampa” as well as “Yes, we’re trustworthy enough to be linked to by other insulation companies”

Most local service companies close a great amount of deals off of referrals. If someone wants their home renovated, there’s a guy in your same service area you likely put forward.

Since these collaborations are already happening organically in real life, why not expand that online for the SEO benefit of both parties?

LSA and Dollar a Day Ads For Lead Generation

Like most local service businesses, Google’s LSA ads provide the biggest bang for your buck in pure client acquisition.

TLS Insulation should use them heavily for all of their Florida GMBs.

Google LSA ads have the awesome benefit of seeing the quality first-hand and if the leads have been “booked” or not. This means we can begin unleashing the water flow on what’s working and quickly pausing what’s not.

Another area TLS can begin seeing quick results is with Dollar a Day ads.

Using this method and repurposed content – we can find ads that reach our threshold of 10% of more engagement and build massive retargeting audiences for lead generation.

TLS Insulation Has Everything They Already Need To Succeed

With 5 GMBs and over a thousand combined reviews, the hard part is over. TLS has mountains of evidence they do great work for their customers all around Southwestern Florida.

The point of SEO and digital marketing is to begin broadcasting that signal.

Right now, the lions’ share of TLS Insulation’s business comes from their exceptional GMB rating backed up by the fact they do amazing work.

Now they simply need to take that overwhelming evidence and broadcast it on their website and across other platforms with the goal of further lead generation.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.