Elevating Roofing Lead Generation on Facebook

Generating high-quality leads is a cornerstone of success for home service companies especially roofers. Using Facebook Ads, we managed to secure 35 leads for a roofing client in two weeks. This post will explore the targeted strategies and insights that can help agencies, young adults and most importantly home service companies drive similar results.

Defining Goals and Optimizing Content: Every successful campaign starts with GCT (goals, content and targeting). For our roofing client, the objectives were twofold: increase lead quantity and enhance quality. We tapped into Company Cam to manage and organize a plethora of project images and videos, streamlining content creation for ads far more effectively than traditional methods. Most importantly, these were real pictures and videos.

Strategic Use of the Facebook Ads Library: An invaluable tool in our strategy was the Facebook Ads Library. We analyzed long-running ads within the roofing industry to gauge what resonates with the audience.

Smart Targeting Techniques: Targeting the right audience is crucial. For this campaign, we focused on Ohio, Indianapolis, and Charlotte, North Carolina. By setting broad targeting parameters, we leveraged Facebook’s algorithm to identify and reach the most promising prospects based on interactions and engagement metrics.

Execution and Continuous Optimization: Our initial approach included testing various ad sets to determine the most effective messages and offers. Continuous optimization based on performance data allowed us to allocate budget more efficiently and scale successful ads, significantly increasing ROI.

Step-by-Step Campaign Setup Guide: Want to replicate our success? Here’s a simplified setup guide:

  1. Initiate a lead generation campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Utilize broad demographic and geographic targeting to maximize reach.
  3. Start with a conservative budget, adjusting based on ad performance insights.
  4. Choose compelling visuals and strong calls-to-action to enhance engagement.

The Crucial Role of Tracking and Integration: Accurate tracking and CRM integration is the most important part of the lead generation process. Implementing the Facebook Pixel is essential for conversion tracking and retargeting. Moreover, integrating your CRM system and using LeadsBridge ensures we are getting the highest quality leads.

By implementing a strategic framework focused on GCT, agencies and home service businesses can enhance their lead generation efforts on Facebook. This approach not only increases lead volume but also improves the quality of leads, providing a substantial competitive edge.

Keigan Carthy
Keigan Carthy
I am the founder of Vision Management a full stack digital marketing firm that specializes in social media and ads.