How To Be Googleable: Tips For Local Businesses

We recently conducted a website audit for Roger Wakefield and wanted to share our findings and tips that can help local businesses become Googleable.

Roger Wakefield has two websites: his personal brand website, which is all about plumbing, and his business website, Leak Pro, which sells slab leak and swimming pool leak detection equipment.

Today, we will discuss how he can improve his SEO and website conversions, which will help him make more revenue.

Roger has a lot of content, but it’s not showing up on Google because most videos haven’t been repurposed.

Looking at his YouTube videos, he has a good number of videos, around 1600.

Roger Wakefield YouTube Channel

In our ongoing efforts to maximize content reach and impact, we’ve initiated the process of repurposing select videos into written articles. This strategy is not only reserved for elite professionals but is aimed at enhancing the overall brand presence. 

While platforms like YouTube may stand prominently, others like TikTok and Facebook might occupy more minor positions. Our goal is to comprehensively fill out this digital circle across all axes, a feat achieved through strategic content repurposing.

The beauty of repurposing lies in its ability to leverage existing content in new and impactful ways. To maintain quality and coherence across all repurposed materials, we adhere to a stringent set of guidelines known as the article guidelines.

This checklist serves as a benchmark to ensure that each piece meets our established standards. 

Identifying the most successful videos from Roger’s extensive library of 1600 is the initial step in this process. By prioritizing these high-performing assets, we can leverage the combined expertise of ChatGPT and our team to transform them into engaging articles for Roger’s website. 

This approach not only capitalizes on existing content strengths but also addresses any gaps in his current SEO strategy.

These are the keywords that Roger ranks for, with some coming from video content. However, not all the keywords he should rank for are present. 

Keywords that Roger rank for

Repurposing is key here; no need for complex strategies—just publish them all. While some churn out thousands of articles monthly without quality control, we opt for a blended model, ensuring all content gets repurposed effectively.

Roger’s extensive video library is prime for repurposing, capitalizing on YouTube’s trust factor and SEO potential. Utilizing our Content Factory guide, we meticulously transform videos into optimized articles, leveraging tools like Descript and ChatGPT. We then boost visibility, especially targeting niche audiences like plumbers, measuring ROI to reinvest effectively.

This ties into our broader strategy of maximizing Roger’s Google presence across various formats—Are You Googleable books, guides, videos, tools—all undergoing the same four-stage process. 

We demonstrate how we seamlessly transition raw video content to blog posts using tools like ChatGPT and Descript.

So we have a ton of training on how to do this. Even though we’re trying to do a live example here,  that’s the beauty of having recorded already.  And people can watch the videos. The way they qualify is by processing real examples. And then if we like them, then they should be a few hundred dollars a month. If they’re really good maybe we’ll pay them a thousand dollars a month.  

Considering Roger’s unique content needs, creating a tailored job post for virtual assistants (VAs) seems prudent. A test example ensuring an understanding of Leak Pro’s goals, content, and targeting (GCT) would be beneficial.

Our hiring guide emphasizes enhancing job posts with references to your content, allowing applicants to demonstrate their comprehension through tasks like video submissions.

Leak Pro focuses on selling leak detection kits, which naturally target plumbers and kit-specific needs.

However, leveraging the trust Google associates with can greatly enhance its broader brand visibility. With Roger as the central figurehead, it’s crucial to maximize this trust factor.

Leak Pro website

Considering “The Trade Talks” channel, featuring interviews with industry experts, offers an excellent opportunity to expand Roger’s reach. Repurposing these interviews into blog posts or guest posts on their respective sites can amplify exposure and backlinks. Contrary to common belief, repurposed content does not need to reside solely on your site; placing it on high-authority sites can be more beneficial.

Roger’s TradeTalks YouTube channel

Moreover, running ads against this content, even outside Roger’s site, can further amplify its impact.

Tom Breeze and other YouTube experts emphasize that running ads won’t compromise organic reach. Analyzing analytics is key to assessing ROI and refining strategies. Prioritizing keywords within a striking range of top positions can yield the highest returns.

For instance, keywords like “slab leak detection” present promising opportunities for improved visibility. Monitoring analytics helps gauge the effectiveness of such efforts and guides future optimization strategies. Additionally, keywords with low difficulty and high relevance can be particularly lucrative.

While some keywords may seem promising, deeper analysis is necessary to fully understand user intent and behavior. For instance, “leak detection training” may indicate purchase intent, but further clarification on training details is essential for conversion optimization.

While SEO holds promise for long-term gains, Roger can seize immediate opportunities by leveraging industry trust. Given his authority in the field, targeting plumbers via platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube seems like a no-brainer. By directing them to key landing pages, such as those for the kit or training, he can efficiently capitalize on this trust.

Creating concise, impactful videos tailored to different funnel stages can drive engagement and conversions. Videos about Leak Pro, training, and the product itself can cater to various audience interests and intents, effectively covering the funnel’s top, middle, and bottom. 

This approach resonates with audiences, drawing them into Roger’s narrative and compelling them to explore further.

Roger can also run PPC campaigns simultaneously while investing in SEO to ensure a comprehensive marketing approach. PPC kickstarts immediate traction, while SEO lays the groundwork for sustained growth. 

Combining both strategies maximizes visibility and engagement, ensuring a well-rounded marketing effort that yields both short-term results and long-term benefits.

So, let’s dive into Leak Pro’s analytics

Over the last month, 600 people visited, and Roger received four orders, making it slightly less than a 1% conversion rate. 28 people added items to their cart. That’s intriguing. It translates to a one-in-seven ratio of cart additions to checkouts. It’s common for people to add items to their cart, but only about a third of them usually complete the purchase.

This rate might be relatively low, but considering the $3,000 price tag on the product, it’s not entirely unexpected.

43 people initiated the checkout process, 28 added items to their cart, and only four completed the purchase. Perhaps some added items to their cart and then realized the price, which could explain the high abandonment rate.

We have 46 orders that have been paid for but still need to be shipped. It appears that either they haven’t been marked as shipped or are pending shipment.

Leak Pro analysis in Develomark

Interestingly, there’s a disproportionate number of plumbers from Texas purchasing from Roger.

It’s fascinating to note that many individuals added items to their cart but abandoned them without completing the purchase. There hasn’t been any follow-up with these potential customers. It seems like a good opportunity for Roger’s virtual assistant to reach out to these individuals, asking if they have any questions or need assistance with their purchase. 

These abandoned carts represent potential immediate revenue. 

Some of the abandoned carts

Implementing automatic email reminders, essentially remarketing, could be beneficial. Larry Kim could assist with this using his tools. We should examine the effectiveness of such emails and consider activating them. For now, I suggest refraining from making any immediate changes.

The simplest way to generate revenue is to email the list and inform them about Roger’s offerings. 

Roger uses Constant Contact and MailChimp, among others, as Email marketing tools, but  I prefer platforms that allow for intelligent rule-based messaging. Without triggered emails, platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact function similarly to bulk emailers. For smarter strategies, platforms like HubSpot would be more suitable for Roger.

While selling on Amazon might incur higher fees, Roger could potentially run ads there. It’s worth considering.

Let’s talk about Roger’s competitors’ SEO

Leak Tronics seems prominent on social media. Their SEO power is comparable to Roger Wakefield’s, with both ranking for numerous keywords. 

Ranking and Keywords for LeakTronics

On the other hand, American Leak Detection is a nationwide service with a considerable SEO presence, particularly for “leak detection” searches.

Their SEO efforts seem quite valuable, potentially worth thousands of dollars per month. Their local SEO strategy is particularly noticeable, focusing on various city names due to their franchise model.

Keywords and ranking for American Leak Detection

This deeper analysis helps us understand the competitors better and devise strategies to compete effectively.

So, Let’s Dive into Google Analytics of Leak Pro and Check Its SEO

Let’s examine traffic acquisition and see its sources. SEO indicates two-thirds of the traffic, comprising 848 out of 1348 in the last month, 20 days, and direct, which is suspicious, suggesting visitors may be testing, or we might have a tracking issue.

There’s a small portion of the traffic from social media, but the majority originates from search or unknown sources, constituting a third of the traffic. We’re uncertain about its origin.

Google Analytics report for Leak Pro

The engagement rate is low, indicating poor quality. One would expect a genuine search where visitors know Roger from YouTube would lead to longer stays. 

Users are literally searching for “leak pro water leak detection.”

What’s amusing is none of those keywords are “slab leak.”  But visitors are still arriving via the slab leak page. 

Let’s explore further. 

Okay, one item was `purchased in the last 20 days, as per this data, which we know isn’t accurate because some customers call Roger’s VA directly for a consultation, and he may direct them to Jobber or provide an estimate, enabling them to pay directly.

Google Analytics sales report for Leak Pro

Looking back at Roger’s competitor “American Leak Detection”, we see that they dominate the space. They rank number one for leak detection, a highly competitive term. Not only that, they have four site links. They truly dominate here. 

Google ranking for American Leak Detection

However, to win in leak detection, Google also expects us to address related questions. Roger can create a video discussing leak detection and similar questions, as shown below.

Related questions that Roger can answer to improve SEO for Leak Pro

However, Roger can stand out from other people by sharing stories in his articles instead of using AI mindlessly to generate content.

After all, he has 30 years of experience to draw from. 

Looking to unlock your SEO potential? Visit now for a comprehensive SEO audit. It’s quick, effective, and essential—let’s go!

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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