How Facebook Ads Took Us From $20,000 to $ 100,000 per month

We have all heard it before and preach it to our clients if you want to grow your business you need to run ads. The issue is that most of us don’t take action on what we tell our clients. After a year of not running ads and being stuck at $20k/month I decided to take a leap and never look back. Within 8 months of running ads we were able to go from $20k months to $100k months. Here are the 4 tricks I learned while spending $10-30k/month in advertising spend for our own agency. 

  1. Start Out With The Basics

Before we started spending $10k/Month we started with a small budget of $500 – $1,000. The number 1 thing I learned when running ads on Facebook for your own agency is to start with lead ads. This will get the most responses right away and allow you to test your ad copy and images before you start to throw in a complex funnel structure.

Lead ads will allow you to start generating cheap leads. Then, when you have more time than money you can make the follow up worth it. I remember when I ran my first set of lead ads I spent $1,000 in ad spend and generated 4 new clients. Acquisition cost of ONLY $250 for a $2,500/month client is a scalable model. 

  1. Audiences Matter

As you start to run ads and spend more money on ads you will notice the fatigue of an audience. When building audiences on the Facebook platform my main two audiences are 1% LLA (lookalike audience) of booked calls & clients. This will allow you to expand upon maybe a few thousand potential customers you have in a custom audience. 

Lookalike audiences will become your best friend when it comes to scaling Facebook Ads. Create and test as many as you can think of, if you say “I wonder if i can make a lookalike audience out of that?” the answer is you probably can and should! 

Audiences we use:

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  1. Your creative and ad copy

I will be transparent. I’m not creative so this should tell you, you don’t need to be to create amazing creatives for ads!

We take pictures of everything!

I will tell you right now we use EVERYTHING. We have tested photos from our trip to Washington DC to a picture of my girlfriend and I. Both worked and generated  calls for our agency. When I say try anything, try anything.

As for ad copy, I try to make it basic. I provide a ton of value then direct them to grab my guide or watch my video sales letter. I use an attention grabber first, provide value in the ad copy, and then direct them to my landing page.

Here’s a picture of one of our best creatives and offers of a FREE Downloadable lead magnet:

  1. Offers 

My top 2 revenue producing offers have been lead magnets and video sales letters. I am big on if I am providing you with a lead magnet I want your phone number.

We hired a full time appointment setter all he does is call people who download the lead magnet and book calls.

Running ads have been a game changer for my business. If you’re not running inbound ads I would have a goal to start running inbound ads next week. If you’re like me start small then scale up!

Here is one of our best Lead Magnet Campaigns that has generated over $100,000 in revenue. 

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Dan Tieman
Dan Tieman
Dan Tieman is the Founder of Stealth Media Group a digital advertising agency that helps business generate new customers for businesses, we specialize in automating the sales process and creating messenger bot systems.