6 Steps To Close Every Deal

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Generating new opportunities through social media and SEO strategies is the name of the game for most marketing teams. It’s the promise most digital agencies try to deliver on. If you do not convert these newly found opportunities into paying customers, it’s all for nothing. As the amount of data and apps continue to multiply, and the fact that Moore’s Law is still statistically relevant, it has become even more important to put the human touch on the sales process to CONVERT opportunities into clients, customers, and hopefully, your personal brand ambassadors. 

Every master salesperson knows their ultimate goal is to make sure they give the customer exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. They also know the only way to find out if they can deliver on this promise is to ask excellent questions. Just like the best practitioners in the digital marketing world, the best salespeople have a process. Good processes drive good results. 

The 6-step process for 10x conversion:

  1. Establish Rapport: Most of the time our digital presence can do this for us. Is our consumer familiar with who we are, what we do, and why we do it? Are we starting the process off properly by ensuring a mutual understanding and respect for each other? This is also known as “getting comfortable.”
  2. Setting Expectations: This is where the sale is actually closed, right upfront. In the beginning.  Setting clear expectations immediately after some basic rapport is established is the sign of a true closer. Setting expectations has two key components, (1) gathering the prospect’s agenda and (2) making sure the prospect knows your agenda. 

    People like to know what’s going to happen before it happens. To get your prospect’s agenda you can ask “what should we be sure to go over in order to make the best use of your time”? They will proceed to tell you all the things they want to know about you and your company. Once you have “their agenda” you can say “to see if we are a good fit, I’m going to ask you some questions about your situation, budget, decision-making process, etc. Is that okay?” Now you’ve established your agenda and have permission to ask relevant and tough questions. 

    Before moving forward with the conversation you have to give the prospect full control to say no, stop the conversation at any point, and veto anything you’re saying. It’s much better to get any objections out in the open sooner rather than later, and you need to make it comfortable for the prospect to do so. Now that you have established a proper agenda for the meeting you can dive into figuring out if your product or service is a good fit.  After all, you just want to help the prospect get what they want! 

    Finally, establish an outcome for the end of the meeting. “If you decide this (Insert your product or service) is something you’re interested in, let’s ensure we schedule the next logical step before we part company today.”  That’s the close. 
  3. Compelling Reasons To Do Business: This is where you ask the right questions to tease out if the prospect has real reasons they need your product or service. What else have they tried? What is it costing them? If they don’t solve this problem how will it impact their business?
  4. Budget: Do they have a budget in place to solve this problem? 
  5. Decision: Do they have a decision-making process they go through? Does anyone else help them make this decision?
  6. Present: Only present your solutions if you’re satisfied with steps 3, 4, and 5. You only present to the problems the prospect is trying to solve; if the prospect has proven they are worthy of a presentation. 

The key to this process is to qualify your prospect before presenting your solution. Do they have a compelling reason to do business with us? Does it meet their budget? Are they the decision-maker? All of these steps can happen in as little as 5 minutes on a phone call or zoom. If you or someone on your team can master this process, you will save a lot of time and close a lot of new business. Be sure to have a human-to-human interaction plan that is as powerful as your SEO & social posting strategies. 

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Andrew Undem
Andrew Undem
I constantly look for opportunities to develop personally and professionally in order to provide world class service to my clients. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve the best possible outcomes in real estate transactions. Highlights:*Leadership and Management - Co-Owner and managing partner of the SURE Group at Remax Sails with a track record of successfully selling over $250,000,000 in residential real estate transactions. *Sales Process & Negotiation - Directly and indirectly coached and trained by "Sandler" sales training consultants since 2010. Sandler sales, management, and negotiation training prepares business executives to confidently enter into negotiations and understand the other person’s point of view, skillfully control the situation, and effectively orchestrate true win-win outcomes.*Certified DRS AGENT - The Certified DRS Agent designation and network are committed to serving the real estate needs of the medical professional community through education and marketing resources. The designation is limited to fewer than 1,000 real estate professionals nationwide, and clearly differentiates the abilities of member agents from their peers.*New Home Construction - After selling over $20,000,000 in new homes I know exactly how to negotiate with new home builders for my clients' benefit. *Home Buying - Handling all the details to make sure clients' get the home they want at the best possible price with the best possible terms.*Home Selling - Getting homes sold quickly for top dollar by using proven listing strategies coupled with conventional and unconventional marketing techniques. *Property Management - Co-Owner of Cenmar Management, LLC. Serving the needs of property owners throughout central Maryland.*Tom Ferry Organization - professionally trained and coached on a one to one level with the #1 coaching and training company in the real estate industry.