How Chance Ray Built A Successful Golf Ball Business Using TikTok Organically

TikTok is an app that brings to mind images of youngsters singing and dancing or videos of cute babies and pets. 

But, in this edition of Coach Yu – featuring Chance Ray – we show that TikTok can also mean serious business. 

Chance shares with us in this case study that business owners can use TikTok to organically grow their business. He gives step-by-step instructions on what we need to do in order to grow on TikTok. 

Read on!

Dennis Yu from Content Factory chats with Chance Ray about growing business organically on TikTok

One size does not fit all

Chance says that the first step toward creating TikTok videos is to clearly identify your niche, and this involves some research. 

Business owners should watch other videos people create in their business niche or even other business niches. These videos can then be modified to appeal to one’s target audience. 

Once we know what others are doing, Chance recommends creating multiple videos modeling these tactics. Once you find something that works for you, double down on that and keep going with it. 

Chance’s golf ball business – millions of views and $30K in monthly revenue

Chance shares his own success story. A golf ball business he started right out of college enjoyed millions of views, resulting in a revenue of $30k monthly. 

When Chance first left college, he and his friends made some money with golf balls. Seeing the potential due to how expensive they were, Chance was quick to identify that no one else was selling used golf balls on TikTok. 

Seeing this, he searched small businesses in other niches on TikTok and saw how they were blowing up and selling out. These businesses were also showing how much they were making in profit. 

This was an ‘Aha’ moment for Chance. He saw that his niche could be more than a side-hustle, and he started modeling  what had already worked for others. 

Persistence is the key, along with some trial and error

The first 15 videos that Chance made did not go viral. 

But, he kept tweaking and modifying until one of the videos was a hit. It amassed 100K views, and he sold out in no time! 

This led Chance to believe that he can simply keep using the same model and get customers organically – without spending a single ad dollar.

TikTok rewards you

Why would TikTok want to help a business that is not spending any ad dollars? 

Chance says that the answer lies in the content of the videos. 

Stellar videos like his that go viral get more users to the app. Since their user count goes up, TikTok rewards these video creators by helping them rise to the top. 

Chance thinks, because of this, businesses should focus on the content and ensure that it is interesting for the audience.

Listen to your users

We can make TikTok videos even more effective through a process of reading the comments users post on their videos. 

The comments section can turn into a simple question/answer section. 

For instance, Chance asked simple questions to the users in his comments sections like, ‘What is your favorite golf ball?’. 

Communicating with the users results in a better engagement rate on TikTok and helps a video rise to the top.

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Chance Ray engages with his customers via the comments section

Know the basics

Chance says knowing the basics of TikTok can go a long way. Knowing the difference between the “For You” page versus the people you’re following. 

You should make it a goal to get on the “for you” page. This page is where people that aren’t following you will see your videos. 

So there’s two pages on TikTok and most people are always on the, for you page though, as  they’re never really on the following page.

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Chance Ray explains the basics of TikTok

Post consistently

Consistent posting on TikTok is very important. 

TikTok not only wants quality videos on its app, but also quality videos being posted continuously.

Chance says that TikTok rewards, not just quality, but also the ongoing posting of this content. Below we can see some of his videos getting upwards of a million views! And given that not a single ad dollar was spent only makes it more rewarding.

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Posting consistently has helped Chance generate millions of views 

without spending a single ad dollar

Monetize the views

Getting a lot of views is fine, but the views have to convert into revenue for the business to remain profitable. One way to do that is via TikTok’s creator fund. 

TikTok’s creator fund helps creators with over 10,000 followers to monetize their videos. 

This, however, does not add too much, says Chance. 

TikTok pays about five cents for every 1000 views, so millions of views can amount to very little. 

However, the views help in getting publicity, as the videos are either reposted by the users, or posted by other marketers on their channels. It’s also a great way to promote your website, sending people to where you are selling the product.

TikTok’s algorithm is your friend

Chance says that as your videos start getting more views, TikTok understands your customer base better and helps you further narrow it down. 

TikTok’s algorithm essentially goes to work for you!

It studies what type of users are liking your videos and organically shows it to similar users, creating more views and more publicity for small businesses.

Share the knowledge

Chance has now sold his golf ball business and has transitioned from small business owner to business mentor, teaching others all that he has learned about Tiktok. 

No doubt, he is one of Tiktok’s biggest fans because of the positive experience he has had on the platform. 

As for Tiktok, he says that they’re constantly making improvements and getting better. His tactics of modeling what works, staying consistent, and posting quality content continue to help the businesses he is working with tremendous success.