How All Source Supply Inc. Can Improve Their SEO and Get More Sales Organically

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All Source Inc.’s Warehouse in Oshkosh, WI

All Source Supply Inc. is a concrete supply company on a mission to provide coatings and sealants, primarily to concrete coating companies.

They’re run by Kathy Ertmer and Roy Magnuson in Oshkosh, WI.

Unlike the concrete coating companies they provide materials for, who usually service local service areas, All Source provides their materials to businesses all around the country.

This means that instead of focusing on local service areas like most home service businesses, they want to target more of these concrete coating companies from every corner of the US.

In this article, we’ll break down what their SEO is like now and how to improve it so they can get more sales in the door organically.

All Source’s SEO By The Numbers:

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All Source’s Current SEO Metrics

At the time of writing All Source has 19 backlinks (other websites linking to their site).

Whenever a website links to another, a trust signal is put out into Google. The higher authority a website is, the stronger the signal.

What we’re looking for here is what “SEO juice” is being passed from these sites to our own.

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All Source’s Backlink Profile

Unfortunately for All Source, almost every site that’s linking to them is incredibly low authority with an average of 0.1 DR score.

And the few high authority links they are getting is resulting in a NOFOLLOW, which means the SEO juice isn’t truly being passed on.

Backlinks are one of the most important SEO metrics and directly impact our ability to rank on the keywords we want to.

Websites like BlitzMetrics here have a DR of 61, meaning that when we write about and link to All Source’s site they get a big SEO jumpstart.

More than that, the links have to have proper context and a reason for linking to All Source.

For example, here is the context in which one of the lower authority websites linked to All Source Supply inc.

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The Website That Linked To All Source Shows No Relevancy

What does All Source Supply Inc. have to do with concrete coating in this context? Sure, they provide the materials but the linking has to have a purpose.

Because we’re talking about All Source from the perspective of giving them an audit, we can link to them since it’s relevant.

All Source should be aiming for more high authority and relevant links (like the ones we’re giving here) to help their SEO rankings.

An advantage that All Source has is ranking on almost 200 keywords.

All Source’s Organic Keyword Rankings

A difference between All Source and a typical home service business is that they’re selling products, which means that their site is set up like an ecom store.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – since whatever facilitates a sale the easiest is what’s preferred.

But let’s use the example of their strongest keyword generating traffic, “speed cove”.

When a user clicks on their keyword they’re taken to the following page:

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All Source’s Product Page

There’s no purchase or call button. In fact, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the website to find a way to contact All Source.

The reason we’re highlighting this is because keyword rankings change based largely on user interaction.

And if the user doesn’t see a way to buy or contact All Source quickly, they’ll leave the page, resulting in lower rankings.

We can see this happen in real time for their own name on “all source coatings”, we’re they’ve gone from ranking 2nd to ranking 9th, resulting in a large drop in organic traffic.

How All Source can increase their keyword rankings would be by demonstrating E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, and trust).

That means making blog posts talking about the products they have, showing examples of the products being used, and showing to Google and to potential customers how experienced All Source is.

The good news for them is that almost all of the keywords they want to rank on have almost 0 competition, meaning it wouldn’t take much to get on the first page.

All Source’s GMB only has 3 reviews.

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All Source’s Google Business Profile

Their latest review was only a week ago, which is good. But before that they’re other latest review was from 9 months ago.

Recent reviews are arguably more important than total reviews since we’re demonstrating to Google that the business is still around and doing good work.

Of course, since All Source isn’t a local service business the GMB will not be providing most of the traffic. But it’s still a valuable asset that ties our authority together on our site and SEO.

All Source should prioritize getting more reviews on their GMB.

They can do this by reaching out to happy customers and asking if they’d be willing to take 30 seconds out of their day to give them a review.

That’s a major trust signal that can help All Source tremendously.

Let’s take an audit of All Source’s website.

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All Source Inc.’s Website Home Page

Everything we do on our website should adhere to Google’s E-E-A-T model.

Looking at the text, the main headline for the homepage is decent, but the supporting headline can be improved.

A good rule of thumb for home pages is that you should know who they are, what they sell, who they sell it to, and where they sell it.

“Jobsite Materials For Concrete Professionals” is okay.

But I would change the other headline to “Supplying concrete coating products to contractors in the US to get the job done right”.

Do you see the difference in wording and how that helps with our target market?

There should also be a quick and easy way for potential customers to reach All Source over the phone.

It’s generally best practice to have a phone number at the top right of your website so customers can reach you easier.

Right now, in order for potential customers to buy from All Source they have to click on the “Speak To An Expert” button which takes them to a form, or scroll to the footer of the site to find a phone number.

This is a massive inconvenience and it wouldn’t be surprising if this has cost All Source thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Speaking of the footer, do you notice how small the contact icons are?

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All Source’s Website Footer

If I were an older customer or not someone who’s tech savvy, I’d have no idea that the “Email Us” text was a link.

And while the newsletter signup isn’t a problem, there’s a parasitic link under “Website by Thundera Multimedia”.

Website builders do this to try to extract link juice from clients, but there’s no reason why it should be there.

All Source should also add their GMB link to their footer for more authority. This is another signal to Google of linking assets.

And speaking of authority, what about their “About Us” page?

AD 4nXfUi CBXb bfsOIDDYZTRIPKbF0f3TmyMsk9XhR41QsxxUX0QrA5Tf1tBKSG6GCLnM92AfMt3TzlS0I3GQyDtbdqpaafF2B6YD5FSkDJ28XCg1YacYLV4GdZ3vmQdup4gVXFT
All Source’s Website “About Us” Page

This is a good start!

Whenever we visit an “about us” page of a website, the page should tell users about who’s behind the business.

The images and descriptions about Kathy and Roy are decent, but look like they were written by Chat GPT.

Ideally, these should be in their own words.

The first paragraph on this page should be improved too – since it doesn’t clearly state what services or products All Source offers.

Remember – this all goes back to how much E-E-A-T All Source is showing on their website.

What’s the next steps for All Source to improve their SEO ASAP?

In two words – more documentation.

As Dennis Yu say’s you don’t “do” SEO. All we’re doing here is sharing with the world what we’re good at.

To demonstrate expertise, All Source should be answering concrete coating supply questions for Google’s PAA (people also ask).

To show how easy this is, I prompted ChatGPT with, “My friend owns a concrete coating supply company who sells materials to contractors around the US. What are some Google PAA questions she can answer to help her website’s SEO?”.

Here were some of the questions it spit out:

Screenshot 2024 06 12 at 3.13.05 PM
ChatGPT PAA Questions All Source can Answer

I’m more than positive Kathy or someone on her team can answer all of these questions in detail. She or a team member should record themselves answering these questions and upload it online.

It can then be repurposed into more comprehensive “FAQs” on the site and made into blog posts.

All Source Inc. should start a blog page where they document their experience and interview some of the dozens of other concrete coating companies they’ve provided products for.

Videos are best which they can share on YouTube and then repurpose into blog articles.

They can then link to their site and vice-versa. That way, All Source benefits from getting more proof they provide good products and the coating company benefits from interviewing a high authority supplier.

By blogging about the products they offer, All Source can also start ranking higher on the keywords they want organic traffic from!

Since if we explain what a cps g320 grinder is and show how it works, Google can then take that as a massive trust signal.

Like we mentioned earlier in the article, one of the best advantages All Source has is ranking on almost 200 keywords with almost no competition.

If they can simply demonstrate E-E-A-T, it won’t be very hard for them to dominate their market.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.