How Bee Friendly Pest Control Can Make Their Phones Buzz

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What does it take with SEO to generate some buzz online?

Here’s a unique case study on a local service business doing great work:

James Smith owns Bee Friendly Pest Control – a pest control company based outside Philadelphia in Collingswood, NJ. They specialize in safe pest control which harms mosquitoes, flees, and other pests – but doesn’t affect honeybees.

And with an area as large as Philadelphia to service – there’s plenty of honey in this hive.

Puns aside – in this article we’ll show you:

  • How they’re ranking now in their local service areas
  • What they’ve done to get there so far
  • What they can do to improve their SEO and get more calls this summer

Bee Friendly’s SEO By The Numbers:

Bee Friendly Pest Control currently ranks with a DR of 3.9, up by 1.6 points in the last 30 days based off of some early improvements we’ve made.

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These improvements include changing their website to be more focused on Philadelphia (where they want to start getting traffic from) and by adding reference domains.

Reference domains are where backlinks come from. The higher the authority of the domain linking to them, the more it improves their SEO.

It’s like giving out points – the more you have the more your link means something.

Oh look – there’s ours!

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Our Contribution To Bee Friendly’s SEO With a Referring Domain

All of this to say on their domain ranking front – things are making steady improvements, which is great considering where they were a few months ago.

Their keywords are ranking well for their name – but need to be expanded.

Bee Friendly Pest Control has a distinct advantage of having their company name be the service they provide – meaning that any searches of “Bee Friendly Pest Control” mean they’ll likely get the top spot on Google.

And that’s definitely the case here since they’re at position 1.

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Bee Friendly’s Organic Keyword Rankings

This is a great starting point – but they need to expand to regular pest control, especially in the area they want to rank at.

Speaking of their local service area, let’s take a look at LocalFalcon.

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LocalFalcon Results For Bee Friendly

They’re ranking in first position in their headquarters in Collingswood, NJ. But since the majority of their traffic takes place close to Philadelphia, there’s a lot of ground to make up.

Fortunately, if their DR score continues to rise and relevant keywords are met – this isn’t far from happening. Especially as we continue to flush out their local service pages.

Their GMB (Google Business Profile) is also on the rise with 51 5 star reviews in Google.

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Bee Friendly’s GMB

They also have plenty of images taken organically – no stock art. This is good because it demonstrates to Google that they’re a real company doing good work in the area they say they operate in.

Bee Friendly Pest Control’s Website Following E-E-A-T.

Google’s E-E-A-T formula stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

The more we can demonstrate on the site that we’re following this model, the higher the chance of us ranking.

Knowing that Bee Friendly wants to be more present in Philadelphia, one of the first things we changed on their homepage was the title.

From a standard “We’re Bee Friendly Pest Control” to “Philadelphia’s Safest Pest Control”.

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Bee Friendly Pest Control’s New Homepage

The next step would be to add more content to their local service page for Philadelphia.

Once this page is introduced, Google will give us more of a reason to rank in the city and surrounding areas.

The next step would be to delete all stock images and replace them with images taken by their team – which we’re in the process of completing.

This is a great example – real images of working with Bees.

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Real Image Taken of Bee Friendly Workers In The Field

They should also start adding more customer testimonials based off of location.

This follows E-E-A-T by adding inputs that promote authority in their local service area.

Videos work especially well for this.

Lastly, James should start collaborating with other local service businesses in the Philadelphia area.

He can do this by guest-blogging, recording interviews, and even short 1 minute videos with other business owners to leverage their authority for himself and Bee Friendly Pest Control.

They Should Use PPC Ads To Get The Phone Buzzing Tomorrow:

Perhaps the easiest way to get the phone ringing for Bee Friendly Pest Control in the short term is to simply run PPC ads in their local area.

This can be done for clicks as low as $1 and have massive results for this moving into summertime.

Because Google PPC ads are pay-per-click, this means that they don’t have to spend money on anything which isn’t directly generating calls for their businesses.

Along with LSA ads, this is a powerful combination.

In conclusion:

Bee Friendly Pest Control has the opportunity to grow tremendously in the coming months moving into summer.

They have the authority and dozens of photos taken from work areas.

What we need now more than anything is to:

  • Run small PPC + LSA campaigns to make the phone ring immediately
  • Collaborate with other small businesses owners to boost their SEO in their location vertical
  • Implement more location service pages based off location using real images
  • Prove to Google that we’re following E-E-A-T by documenting work and putting customer reviews more prominently on the site

Bee Friendly does great work in their area and we’re excited to help them take their site to the next level in the coming weeks.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.