How Are SEO Tools Helpful in Defining Your Ranking?

Understand the Purpose of SEO

SEO is an immensely powerful and important part of content strategy, and it intertwines with cross-posting and other pieces of a good content strategy. 

We use tools like SEMRush to streamline the process. They cover everything on local and paid and SEO, and even personal branding and mentions and things like that.

They do a lot of the work for us, even letting us know information about our competitors, where we should add links, and from whom we can grab the best backlinks. An audit that would take an SEO expert days to complete takes these awesome tools a few minutes to an hour.

Know the Effects of a Good Authority Score

People know you because of who you are, which is why you have to understand the power of a good authority score. Use authority score to figure out how easy or difficult it will be for your site to rank for keywords. Generally, high authority scores lead to a better ranking. 

Authority scores determine the authority of any given site by looking at how many authoritative sites are linking to it. The more authoritative the sites that are linking to it, the higher authority score. It can give us a good metric for assessing how influential and profitable a site is online. It can also help us understand how easy or difficult it will be to rank a site for potential keywords.

Find Where Traffic is Coming From and How You Can Improve Rank

What are the things that you rank on in the first page of a hundred search results? If you’re not on the first page, it doesn’t matter. 

The main point is to have a general overview of the website. Filter this through goals, content, and targeting (GCT). Know the intention of your website and if that kind of content already exists. That way, you’ll be able to recognize who your target audience is. Knowing this information can help us make better decisions about how to move the site forward on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

We don’t make the fixes because we want to tick the boxes or just raise our score – we want to see them through to results. It is these results that allow us to boost our client’s profits and in the end, operate as the proof we need to gain more clients in the SEO space.

Breaking Down Backlinks and Link Juice

The root of all this transferring of juice tells you what your domain rating is, but ranking is only one thing and it’s not as important. 

Some people tend to spam links. Before, it was easy – if you wanted to rank at the top, you just had to go to these link farms and buy links. After that you would most likely move up in the rankings. That’s how SEO worked that time, and this is something internal, meaning only people in the industry know this. It’s like a dirty secret, which they’re not allowed to tell everyone who’s not a magician, how they do the tricks.

And a lot of them still do it, but they don’t realize times have changed.

Backlinks help build authority. The amount of value those links give depends on a number of things, including the number of sites the page links to, how relevant the link is to the page that it is linking to, the backlink profile of the existing site, and whether or not the link is follow or nofollow. The benefit given to your site depends on your backlinks. Once you’ve caught the characteristics that will build your authority, then you should go for it. 

Avoid Bad SEO Practices

After doing a backlink audit on the site, look for any indications of bad SEO practices that might hurt the site’s authority and disavow any toxic backlinks. Knowing how to do good SEO and stay away from bad SEO practices helps sites keep in good standing with Google and avoid penalties.

Just like gambling exists, all these things also exist. It’s just, it’s on the internet, and they’re linking to you. So if we run a link analysis, we’ll be able to determine which of your links are toxic. We’re going to determine which of them are garbage links that we then need to submit,  tis process is called a disavowal request, which is telling Google through.

Even if you don’t want to be famous, even if you don’t think you have a lot of time, even if whatever the reason is because simply making connections and building relationships is the name of the game.

On Google, search for each keyword you think might be important for your client online and look at the results. Given what pages are ranking for this term, what does the intent of the person searching seem to be? Understanding intent can help you better optimize content for these keywords.

Lesson learned?

Google is trying to crawl the entire internet too and that’s a very expensive thing to do. And these kinds of SEO tools also build their own Google, replicating and pulling in all data to score them according to the designated factors, which makes it cost a lot of money too.

The most important thing to consider when using the SEMRush tool is understanding a website’s GCT (Goals, Content and Marketing). Know your intentions. And once you’re already aware of these things, you can now put it out on WordPress, Youtube, LinkedIn, or whatever social media platform. Google is looking at engagement because they want to give the user the best experience as long as your engagement’s high until a certain point. It just settles. 

It’s something every month you should come in and look at. It’s like weighing yourself every day, but, you know, look, you don’t need to look at it every day because it goes up and down.

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