How To Grow Your Audience for $1/Day Using Automated Rules

Here is how to grow your audience for $1 per day by using automated rules to optimize your Facebook ads.
 The above ad is doing surprisingly well despite some potentially conflicting objectives.
When we run the Traffic Objective, the ad will have a “Learning” phase.
Thus, you usually use your hottest audiences and scale your spend when you retarget here. You want the creative to make it through that phase as quickly as possible.
However, we used a Why audience at just a few dollars per day.  The ad has an 8% CTR and a CPC at $0.33– so we’ll keep it up to see what happens.
When we’re doing What videos, we want to give Facebook as much room to work with as possible.  I’d use “Choose Dynamic Creative” to add as many variations of copy and content in here as possible.
But you should be going for Thruplays here, too, so Facebook will keep pushing it- and we’ll take the What Winners for Traffic and Conversion ads.


Building Rules for Ads

Here’s how to grow your audience through building rules.

I love how simple these automated rules are, since they empower small business owners to manage their own personal brand.

We have a few ads at $.04, so I built a rule for all ads.  If Cost Per Result is greater than $0.05 –> turn off the ads.

I also created a Rule is Cost Per Result is <  than $0.04 –> scale the spend by 20% on Daily Budget or Lifetime Spend depending on the ad.

However, the ads need 1,000 impressions for the rule to kickoff.  This rule is meant to kill a majority of ads with Thruplays as the objective.
You may have some ads that are going for clicks.  The rule may kill those ads and accidentally and we’ll need to update it.
What do you think about using automated rules to optimize your ads?
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