Building Relationships and Amplifying Reputation with AI Tools

I’d like to discuss my perspective on AI tools, which I think is a timeless topic that can be beneficial to anyone. These tools encompass chatbots, ChatGPT, video, and automation tools that incorporate AI.

The Key to Thriving with AI Tools

The key to thriving with these AI tools is to create something that AI cannot do, and that starts with building relationships. 

Since robots do not have physical bodies and cannot have meals with their friends, relationships become an essential ingredient that AI cannot replicate.

When we create a 15-second video with the people who matter in our lives, such as family, clients, partners, and those we learn from, these become the core ingredients that emanate into derivative content. 

However, the most powerful and deepest experience comes from meeting people in person and spending quality time with them.

A step away from that core is meeting people at a conference, followed by having a Zoom call, which is good but not as intimate as meeting in person. Further steps away include watching someone on YouTube or attending a webinar and even further out are social media and blog posts. 

These forms of content lack the tightest signal and the richness and concentration of meeting people in person.

AI starts on the outside, being able to chat, write tweets, and come up with short content. While AI is getting closer and closer to the center, I believe AI will never be able to get into the core.

As a result, some people will win big with AI, while others will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, this may include Uber drivers, supermarket and fast-food checkout employees, and factory workers, who may lose their jobs by the end of 2023. Many people will lose their jobs, but many will also win big. 

Depending on which side of this change you are on, it can be either amazing or scary.

AI Tools
Building Relationships and AI Tools

Using AI to Amplify Relationships and Reputation in Services Business

To win in the services business, we rely on our reputation, relationships, referrals, and experience – things that robots cannot replicate. 

While AI tools can process and repurpose content, we should focus on starting with the core seed of our relationships, experiences, clients, and referrals and using AI tools to create more content based on that.

On the other hand, those who are not good at marketing or coaching may resort to using AI tools for spamming the world, resulting in synthetic media generated by robots. However, the winners are the ones who capture their relationships on video and feed them into the AI, allowing it to multiply and show it to a wider audience, building reputation and connections within the industry.

For instance, by capturing a video of having dinner with a prominent figure in the fitness industry and discussing cutting-edge technology for gym equipment, AI can multiply the power of that relationship and show it to others in the fitness industry. 

This helps to establish our reputation, and AI can use this content to create more articles, videos, and books that are authentic and meaningful. 

Ultimately, the key is to start with the seed, the genuine and personal relationships, and use AI tools to amplify its power.

Using AI to Grow Relationships and Strong Brands: Creating Job Opportunities

“Multiplying the power of my relationships” has nothing to do with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or blogs. These are tactical tools. By the end of the year, I believe that robots, or AI software, will be able to do this for us. Strong brands will benefit from this, while weaker brands with less documented connections will be at a disadvantage. 

We need to document our lives, and relationships like Gary Vaynerchuk does. 

By paying $10 a month to upload everything to Apple, Google, and Facebook, we can use AI to multiply our relationships and capitalize on the investment we’ve made in ourselves as humans and business owners. If we can demonstrate results with our products or services and use virtual assistants and software in the right combination, our businesses will skyrocket in the next year.

This is not some blind belief. The AI that governs the newsfeed on social media, the recommendations on Amazon, the next movie to watch on Netflix, and the next song to play on iTunes can use our relationships and knowledge to create something incredible. This is just the next stage of the internet, and we should all jump on board and learn what this means.

Every day, new AI tools are being released that amaze me. It’s like magic.

As Arthur Clark said, “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and we are at that point now. 

Even though I have been in this field for a long time, I feel like my career is just beginning because I bring the relationships and experience I have gained. While young adults may have an advantage with technology and social media, we have the advantage of experience and relationships. We can employ these young adults who naturally understand the technology and use their skills to benefit ourselves.

My mission is to create a million jobs, and I believe that we can achieve that goal by encouraging and coaching young adults and creating jobs for them. 

Embracing Technology: Opportunities for Deeper Connections

The more technology I see, the less afraid I am, and the more I see opportunities to connect with people in deeper ways.

For example, we are launching an interactive experience with Jake Paul in a few months, which would not have been possible a year ago. With AI, we can create a personalized experience, like Jake Paul checking in on someone’s progress and encouraging them to make more videos. This is the kind of technology that excites me and makes me feel like a child in a candy store.

We are all learning and experiencing something new, and none of us have much experience with the newest technologies like ChatGPT.

So let’s all embrace this new technology and make the most of it by creating jobs and connecting people in deeper ways.

To ensure the best use of Google Photos, users should pay $10 a month for Google to learn from their uploads. Additionally, it’s recommended to pay for Apple iCloud, as users may also want Facebook’s AI to learn from their uploads. 

Deleting all content from the phone after uploading is impractical, so users should purchase an iPhone or MacBook Pro with the largest storage capacity.

If a user has over 17,000 videos and pictures taking up most of their phone’s two-terabyte storage capacity, they will need a four-terabyte storage limit, which is only available with Apple One’s family account program. 

This program costs $25 per month and adds another two terabytes to the personal account, increasing the limit to four terabytes. Other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon do not offer this option, making it better to use an iPhone due to its four-terabyte storage limit.

Paying for storage ensures that all data is backed up on the cloud and nothing is lost, even if the phone is lost, destroyed, or stolen. The loss of data can be a traumatic experience, so it’s advisable to pay for storage to prevent such incidents.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads.  He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.You can find him quoted in major publications and on television such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and LA Times. Clients have included Nike, Red Bull, the Golden State Warriors, Ashley Furniture, Quiznos-- down to local service businesses like real estate agents and dentists. He's spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries, having flown over 6 million miles in the last 30 years to train up young adults and business owners. He speaks for free as long as the organization believes in the job-creation mission and covers business class travel.You can find him hiking tall mountains, eating chicken wings, and taking Kaqun oxygen baths-- likely in a city near you.