Digital Marketing and the Future of Work

Chris Cano asks me, how did I, as the founder, make the BlitzMetrics platform become so big?

I want to create a million jobs. When companies like Align Mortgage are able to find homeownership, you create a lot of new jobs and the more you spend on marketing, the more you will need training and mentorship and I am always about Training and Mentorship and it is really my desire to pass on what I have learned and that is to train other people for digital marketing.

Are we gonna have jobs in the future with the accelerating speed Digital is running?

And it is really dependent on the last person who can automate their stuff. So the jobs down at the very bottom are the people who are getting automated right away–self-driving cars, people who are working in McDonald’s for $15 an hour. Those jobs are being automated and the very last will be Digital Marketers.

Chris asked, “Why would you help be a part of an industry that’s getting rid of my grandma and my grandpa and replacing us, man.”

The robot’s not trying to eliminate you, but rather, it assists you and makes things more efficient. Before, people were used to doing things manually, may it be buying a ticket, ordering food, sending letters, and so on and so forth, but right now, it’s different. You just go online and check these different things. Those are situations that the robot is capable of doing and what it can’t do is build relationships – approaching people, telling stories, opening up to one another, confessing your feelings, and more. 

So the robot is actually allowing us to do things that we really should. Working on the highest value items and so we call this living above the line because right below the line, the robot’s telling you what to do e.g. an Uber driver but for people who live above the line e.g Digital Marketers–robots are working for us.

What areas do you see with most businesses or business owners that you meet with that they’re just missing entirely?

You might think that it’s about the tools and the software and all this technology and not as a small business owner or even a medium to larger business. What you should be focusing on are those relationships and then 99% of everything else, let the robot do. The robot runs the newsfeed, the robot runs your ads. A robot builds websites. The robot builds landing pages and the robot should do everything.

Let’s say you got a guy who makes an amazing pizza and he wants to go into San Antonio, Texas. He saves up to $20,000 to finally sign a lease. He moves into a brick building and you know, what does he know about what the robot knows? The iPhone actually asks if you want Facebook to track you, and the ad spend is crazy, in comparison with everything that’s real and what’s not real. How does somebody even start as a business owner? 

You start with what’s. What’s the real thing that the robot hasn’t figured out yet – it’s any kind of meat that they don’t know, it’s actually hanging out, it’s having experiences together. Now the robot works for us because when we capture these little things and 15 seconds stories, we feed that into the robot and the robot will make derivative content. The robot will post on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and turn a blog post out of it.

What are you really referencing when you say the robot? 

Anything to do with automation. We’re moving towards artificial general intelligence where the robots are so smart that it can kind of learn on its own. The robot now can write software and you have software that governs the newsfeed, the things that govern how your car’s air conditioner works, which is determined by algorithms with a system that is learning based on feedback. 

You’re telling me to make our robots smarter and that we automate ourselves, but aren’t we giving up a little bit of our soul in exchange?

The box has been opened. Right now, anything that’s being stored on your phone, is being initially scanned through their algorithms like your fantasies, your hidden truths, stuff like that. But who’s to say, what else they’re scanning for that they might miss.

The One-Minute Video

The fact that we can distribute the one-minute video across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and all the different places that it could be, means that as entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to be able to tell the story. We have to be able to establish connections, interview other people, collect that content, put it in this machine, and have the machine distribute it everywhere. You just drop the money in the machine and the machine will figure out where. 

So for any entrepreneur and business owner who wants to start dabbling into digital marketing, how do you keep up? 

Figure out which tools you really want to use for Automation. 

Make sure to communicate your stories.

Want to learn more how you can communicate those stories? Here’s a course that will teach you how to make those Killer One Minute Videos

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