Age Is Just A Number – Know What Counts

There are two commonly held misconceptions people have.

  1.       Young people are on social media all the time. They’re naturally good at this stuff, and will get awesome results for my business.
  1.       The reason my social media is failing is because I trusted a young person to manage it. They’re young and don’t understand what they’re doing.

Often, the first leads into the latter belief. Hiring managers look to their young candidates and see the future of their social media success, but are then quick to point the finger when the results aren’t there.

Does This Sound Like your Company?

Here’s what’s going on. You don’t have an age problem – you have a strategy problem. When you hire someone to manage your social media and only provide vague instruction, you are asking for failure no matter who you hired. Without clear processes in place or a cohesive strategy, it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Here’s a question you should ask yourself. Does my business have a step by step process and strategy that will drive results no matter who is executing it? If you think the answer is yes, test it. Have someone go through your checklist and see how they do or if they get lost.


If the answer is no, then you have a problem with your process and not your people. Even if you get sporadic, inconsistent success with your current methods, you want a proven, step-by-step checklist process in place to get results at will. Without one, you are just rolling the dice every time with your own money.

The fact of the matter is that with the right strategy a teenager or recent college grad can manage your social accounts. The same way that a 65-year-old could do it. Many businesses however, have not laid the foundation and hire people without the knowledge or relevant experience to do so.

Social media is not something that young people are “naturally good at.” No one is. Digital marketing and the world of social is incredibly complex and ever-changing. It takes knowledge and experience.

“Years of Experience” vs. Value and Knowledge

Now, whether or not the person you need is 20 years old or 35 is irrelevant. What matters is their know-how and proven history of results. Don’t just hire someone with “years of experience.” Odds are they were executing on someone else’s checklist process or lack there of and cannot produce consistent results on their own.

I’m a part of a network of young entrepreneurs some of who manage Facebook marketing for clients like the Golden State Warriors. Some of these people aren’t even 21 but get huge results for their clients. Still think age is the problem?

Simplicity Is King

Let’s forget the overused buzzwords that we all hear. When someone says they want to “implement strategy,” “optimize campaigns,” or “maximize your ad spend,” get them to tell you what results they can promise to deliver. Don’t let their learned vocabulary cloak their lack of detailed knowledge. If you need a strategist, you need someone who can explain it simply and promise results. Age is not a factor, only a distraction from what really counts.

It’s easy to point fingers. It’s harder to admit that your business has a strategy problem. Young or old what counts is a person’s knowledge and the value they stand to add to your business.

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