A Comprehensive Audit of Lisa T. Miller’s Personal Brand Website

This post shows our strategic moves to enhance Lisa’s digital presence, making her expertise and authority unmistakably prominent.

Lisa’s primary goals were to enhance her SEO and organize her content effectively, prompting us to focus on building guest blogs, authoritative links, and overall website improvements.

Lisa T Miller website
Lisa T Miller website

Enhancing Digital Presence

We utilized Google Site Kit to seamlessly connect Google Analytics and Search Console.

Simultaneously, the implementation of Rank Math Pro ensured that every page achieved a minimum SEO score of 58/100, laying the foundation for our quest for dominance.


Websites original SEO score
Website’s original SEO score


Lisas website after our targeted optimizations 1
Lisa’s website after our targeted optimizations

Optimizing SEO Visibility

To improve SEO visibility, we added sitemaps to Google Search Console and updated Lisa’s homepage with a personal website schema.

Setting sitemaps to the GSC properties
Setting sitemaps to the GSC properties

This strategic move not only enhanced her identity online but also directly linked her contact information with Google, reinforcing her digital footprint.

Adding Lisas email to the GSC as owner
Adding Lisa’s email to the GSC as owner

Structured Data and Image Optimization

We strategically set up structured data targeting Google’s Knowledge Graph, amplifying Lisa’s online presence and authority.

All images were optimized to high-resolution PNG format, 24-bit true color, ensuring a sharp appearance across devices.

Furthermore, interlaced images were implemented, significantly improving web page loading times.

Setting up Structured Data for Google Knowledge Graph
Setting up Structured Data for Google Knowledge Graph

Rank Math for Enhanced User Experience

Recognizing the importance of user experience, we integrated Rank Math for the Pages and utilized WP Rocket to boost website speed.

Rank Math for the Pages
Rank Math for the Pages

These enhancements not only ensured visibility but also created a vibrant and engaging digital space for Lisa’s audience.

Improvement in Website Speed for the Mobile
Improvement in Website Speed for the Mobile
Improvement in Website Speed for the Desktop
Improvement in Website Speed for the Desktop

Achieving Top Search Rankings

While the website currently ranks at number 25 when searching for “Brendan King,” our goal is to secure a top-five position.

Despite the LinkedIn account appearing at the top, our continued efforts aim to elevate Lisa’s personal brand website to prominence.

Websites Current Ranking At 25 When Brendan King Is Searched
Website’s Current Ranking At 25 When “Brendan King” Is Searched

Building Backlinks through Guest Blogs

To bolster Lisa’s online presence, we strategically published guest blog posts on blitzmetrics.com and dennisyu.com, creating valuable backlinks:

  1. Leadership Practices for Hospital Leaders by Lisa Miller
  2. The Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders by Lisa Miller
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