5 Ways to Turn Boring Attorney Websites into Entertaining Ones

If you visit attorney websites, you will see most of them using the same formula of mentioning their qualifications, FAQs, and services offered. My website was no exception, and I am an attorney by profession.

It was the day for me when San Francisco Small Business Development Center and the Public Library sponsored Dennis Yu’s website audit training. I attended and immediately learned that my website also required significant changes as it is a resume-type website. It then transpired to change my website and social media presence.


Since implementing suggestions, the statistics from Google Analytics show that visitors now spend more time on my website and do not just click through.

Now, let me share those suggestions with you all.

1: Tell their story

Always make the attorney website story-based. Talk about client situations and how you helped them overcome specific legal issues. It will help them find relevance and boost their confidence in you.

2: Repurpose the content

Repurpose the content by making blog articles and videos out of it or vice versa. Record short videos and post them on your website and social media platforms.

3: Let the FAQs do the talking

Nothing better tells you about people’s perspectives and problems than people themselves. Google and see people’s FAQs to prepare blog articles and videos.

4: Sell your story

Try writing a book about your journey in your profession. A separate website can work for that, or at least a separate section about that in your current website. I wrote a book ‘Wrapping Up Loose Ends’ about estate planning and life details. After Dennis Yu’s session, I added a tab to my book on my current website.

5: Reflect on your business

Do not engross so much in working in your business but on your business. Review your website monthly and make changes significantly because a website is always a work in progress!

Try Dennis’ expertise if you are stuck with a static website and work. I thank him for a helpful and practical audit.