5 reasons I defriend people on Facebook.

Ever get the itch to drop in on old friends on Facebook? Have you searched for a person you swore you were friends with then discover you’re not?

How do people choose their friends on Facebook? Sometimes it’s pure interest in someone’s images, or they are a celebrity in their industry, or you actually know who they are- a mixture of everything.


Defriending is also random. Arizona’s FOX10 News featured why people remove others on Facebook:

  1. High school friends. You haven’t seen them in forever, and if you were good buddies, they’d be in your close circles already.
  2. Friends of friends. Your friends friend is also your friend, right? Not exactly. Everyone is different, so don’t rely on simply knowing the same people to make a profound connection- reach out as yourself. Friends-of-fans is good for ads, but bad for connections.
  3. Work friends. Know those embarrassing moments people love to post on your wall? Keep your work and home life separate, and avoid the water cooler drama.
  4. Common interest friends. Like friends of friends, relying on simply enjoying the same things is a weak connection.
  5. Spam. No explanation needed.

My top 5 reasons to delete people is different:

  1. Constantly posting obnoxious things. You’re often connected to family, you don’t want the potty mouths to make them question your associations. Warn them first, then delete constant offenders.
  2. Sharing inappropriate/ offensive content like pornography or “shock” images. Same as above, except no second chances.
  3. Troublemakers.  Nix those who always argue and start problems.
  4. No longer friends / an ex. Some people aren’t malicious; others are. Don’t take the chance of them airing some dirty laundry for everyone to see.
  5. Only sending game requests. No thanks! I want friends who contribute instead of wasting time.

Sometimes it’s not even personal, you just have too many friends and need to cull the herd. According to Dunbar’s number, we can only remember around 150 meaningful relationships, so there’s no need for this many friends. If you’re popular, make a dedicated Facebook page. These have no audience limit, and you’re able to run microtargeted ads to your posts, growing your audience.

What’s your top 5 reasons to defriend someone?

Dennis Yu

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