Would you allow someone off the street who says they’re a “doctor” to operate on you?

By Aarun Rumbaugh

Even if they had a $99 surgery special and claim they have 2,000 other doctors on a brand new website? Probably not.

In case you’re wondering, this is the same principle when it comes to those “experts” that rely on cold outreach to sell their services.

For example, I had an individual contact me via email to sell their VA services.

VA Email Thread Pic

This person was hoping that I would take up their offer to hire their VAs.

However, hiring a VA isn’t as simple as going through a service to hire. It’s much more than that.

You see, we have 6 roles we hire VAs for, and they must also complete training in order to even qualify to work on our tasks. They also level up as they progress.

And the reason being is that I’m the lead engineer that manages the engineering team that runs our training and operational systems.
We have a qualifying process whether they come via onlinejobs.ph or other partners.

Some partners incorporate our training, and then every Monday sends their candidates to be interviewed by our managers.

Even if a VA were free, we’d not hire them, since we cannot risk mishandling, errors, or issues from people who don’t know how we operate as a team.

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We need to hire another 100 VAs by the end of the year, based on current client needs– not even the additional demand.

So we’d love to hire folks that you can bring us who are qualified or can get qualified.

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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