When newsfeed posts go wrong

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Chevron runs this post in the newsfeed– boasting of their 2.7 million barrels production per day, accompanied by picture of barrels as far as the eye can see.


“Pretty awesome when you think about it,” they say.


I counted the first 20 comments and every single one was negative.


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Jon Loomer, Facebook advertising expert, has written often about newsfeed abuse— brands that don’t micro-target, let their frequencies run unchecked, and are over-promotional. Here’s his thoughts:


“Facebook users are very territorial when it comes to the News Feed. As brands, we are interrupting their usage patterns by showing something they do not expect to see. While brands certainly have been successful reaching non-Fans in the News Feed, we also need to be sensitive to the user experience when we do it. I recommend micro targeting and soft-selling while closely monitoring frequency and response for optimal results.”


We’ve spoken about how to calculate Earned Media Value in the past– multiplying organic impressions by an average CPM for your paid media. But in this case, is Chevron creating negative earned media and spreading hatred of oil companies?


Or is all attention good attention?
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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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