Website Audit Checklist

Website QA (Quality Assurance) Checklist

Part 1. Objective Checklist anyone can perform QA.

Part 2. Only an account manager or a specialist can perform QA.

How To Generate A WordPress Site Using The BlitzMetrics Site Generator

Qualifying Checklist

The list of items you need before you generate a website using the BlitzMetrics site generator.

❑ Password for username to the website*.

❑ Website’s domain name, e.g.

❑ Website name, e.g. Cool Consulting Agency.

*Send an email to to receive the password.

Execution Checklist

  1. Log into with username
  2. Click on the WordPress tab.
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  1. Click the New Site button.
  2. Under Domain, write the domain name.
    • B7D8dSqTCZvDi6QCg7SaZhr70wjounTuW0pCpOJTw2rA0g1pHp4onMj2F10H
  1. Under the Title, write the website name
  1. Under Admin Email, write
  2. Under Admin First Name, write Access.
  3. Under Admin Last Name, write Access.
  4. Under Admin Username, write
  5. Under Admin Password, write a password.
  6. Under Theme, select Vanila.
  7. Click Submit.

Website One-Pager QA Checklist

Part 1: Objective Checklist

❒ 100 or more pages of results indexed by Google when searching “site:{URL}”.

❒ 20 or more domain ranks using the Moz Tool.

❒ 90 or more scores on Google PageSpeed Insights for mobile.

❒ 90 or more scores on Google PageSpeed Insights for desktop.

❒ The login site for an admin is not “/wp-admin”.

❒ Digital Plumbing is set up.

❒ WordPress is up-to-date.

❒ WordPress plugins are up-to-date.

❒ WordPress theme is up-to-date.

❒ 5 MB or under for the homepage payload.

❒ No 404 pages when searching via search console.

❒ No 404 pages when searching via Google Developer Tools.

❒ Homepage has media.


❒ Video.

❒ Phone number or contact information in the top-right corner.


❒ Facebook link is in the footer.

❒ Instagram link is in the footer.

❒ Twitter link is in the footer.

❒ YouTube link is in the footer.

❒ There is a “Thank you” page for each form.

❒ All landing pages have essential components.

❒ There are accessible links to terms or disclaimers.

❒ The font style of text matches the client’s or company’s brand.

❒ There is a link to the homepage.

❒ Has a video.

❒ Video width is 1/4 of the page.

❒ Video’s controls are turned off.

❒ Video is on autoplay.

❒ The copywriting of the landing page meets the standards.

❒ 12-14 pt is the font size of the body of the text.

❒ 20-24 pt is the font size of subheadlines.

❒ Metadata and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are optimized.

❒ The title of the page is the headline.

❒ The first paragraph of the copy is.

❒ The description is the first paragraph of the copy.

❒ The author follows the syntax “{CompanyName}, {ClientName}”

e.g. “ChiroRevenue, Tristan Parmley”

❒ The landing page has a video, image is a thumbnail from the video

❒ The landing page is for a course, thumbnail is from the PDF Course.

❒ The pathlink uses one word.

e.g. “/Launchpad” or the Headline and Date like “/2011/11/07/How-To-Write-Blogs”.

Part 2: Subjective Checklist

❒ The branding matches the client’s or company’s branding.

❒ The header and footer are branded for the client or company.

❒ There is a clear and large headline describing what the page is about.

❒ The subheadline has a clear call to action.

❒ The copywriting of the landing page meets our standards.

❒ Uses simple copy.

❒ Points, steps, or subtopics are segmented with larger bolded subheadlines.

❒ There are no unnecessary adjectives or run-on sentences.

  1. At least 100 pages indexed by Google.
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Note: Always check the last page to make sure all pages are actually displayed and Google’s display isn’t behind on its last crawl. You can see here that our example client actually only has 23 pages… far from 100!

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How To Fix:

Cross-post all YouTube videos to the site as blogs with the transcription of the video as the copy — but do not get a duplicate content penalty! Use our Cross-Posting to WordPress guide to ensure success.

  1. Domain Rank of at least 20. Use the Semrush:
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How To Fix: Featured links from High Authority Sites, Like or press.

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  1. 90+ score on Google PageSpeed Insights for mobile and desktop.

Black Diamond Club Search

Currently Mobile Speed of 11, Desktop of 49FnGFnTXp2 WQ7bT1v5ZSMWFaj kSJIiETjZ2hAbT76p8cgVvidNoYu kPHP5JrXyhpcA6TMRvP9Nyn EYeMCAQsLxrr6ki gJvzSGN Z2QlRh1TdIih6AkNMVrozmcYGYwjbg6Ppom838hKZr4fiPAMNRaBPlhmLyKPJT0Ke3PysbzCOzjD YFUBk2e2O T2V5oTgkclRcWauYMfDfG2ipvpTCpVOxCi3DHq5klWWwuIisnWbadQzU61fomDtGFiKy3emnH6VvBpjCZZTuLhV2G8pefyBaFkYLnvvUz ARg

4. Admin login NOT at /wp-admin, which is where bots attack.


How To Fix:

1. Implement the WPS Hide Login on our websites, then roll it out to all clients.

2. Add “Install WPS Hide Login” to the site audit checklist.

3. Add “Install WPS Hide Login” to our menu, valued at $1.

4. Add this to our Digital Plumbing Task List.

5. Create a blog post about the importance of hiding the login URL for the website.

5. Thank you page for every form.

With URL Tracking in Google Analytics. It cannot just refresh the same page, it needs to change URLs.

How to Fix: Keep a site map or a general thank you page list in sheets.

6. Digital plumbing is in place, starting with pixels.

7. Ensure WordPress is up to date

  • Ensure plugins are up to date
  • Ensure theme is up to date

8. Homepage payload should be under 5MB, Zero 404 pages via Search Console and Google Developer Tools

How To Fix:

See Dennis’ Blog about Google LIGHTHOUSE 

  • Open Site on Chrome
  • In the Top Right Click View > Developer > Developer Tools 
  • Click Network
    • Refresh the screen to see the page load.
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  • Also Check Performance
    • Click the two small arrows to the right of Network and select LIGHTHOUSE
    • Select Generate ReportW MSO0pnPNL6GI9ZVLnOnQIWuIINSAsvN5ccBGeHT7JP5MCej7BTEUHRQLtcHHZGUjqYXZUSCNHd4dcogbRV0z5HaaZ1SFlROJLvTbI SmUkV6Zet4aHSyF3kAAMD9UeH0zoIugTypBY2DyfgzY5wQ

9. Video on the homepage, phone number, or contact in the top right links to social networks are in the footer.

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