Web Developer Virtual Assistant

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Web Developer VA for Content Factory. We are honored to have such great applicants like you!


We need someone to work on WordPress websites-- to use our templates to make minor modifications to personal brand sites, client sites, etc....

We build a lot of websites on WordPress, integrating Infusionsoft, LearnDash, LeadPages, our custom dashboard, and some other components.

All LAMP stack, but you don't need to be an engineer, though you do need to be handy with HTML and CSS to work with our templates.

These are websites for our public figures--experts in various industries that have courses and packages to sell. They all can use the same template, which you can help tweak via WordPress MU or another WordPress platform-- to inject a homepage background video, a few articles, a couple landing pages, an "about" section, and so forth.

And all our sites have a Google Tag Manager container that has that client's Facebook pixel, Google Analytics pixel, AdWords pixel, and some other items, so we can run ads and analytics to drive sales. We call this "digital plumbing.

Does this sound like you so far?

If you don't have all these skills, that's okay. You must be willing to learn and advance through our leveling system, working at a rate that fits your level as you progress, getting mentored by our other people.

In fact, we expect you to not have experience with many of these platforms, as they change all the time. Plus, we have our own software we've been building, which you'll need to learn.

This is a long-term, full-time position, since we are building this over the next 10 years and more, creating a powerful education system to train anyone who wants to become proficient in digital marketing, as well as to offer packages to various businesses that want implementation.

You don't have to be a full "designer", nor manage servers, but if you can do this or want to learn, even better. Let us know.

Many VAs applying will say they can build websites, meaning they can install a WordPress theme on a new domain, play with GUI-driven settings, and lightly edit of templates. We're looking for much more than that-- tell us about your experience or even your lack of experience (but hunger to learn).

For example, if you have an account on GitHub (or contributing code in other places), are not afraid of scripting languages, and have sites you've built (showing what you used), that's a good sign.

You must also have excellent client skills, since we'd want to be able to loop you into client threads like this without us needing to explain in detail or follow up to make sure they understand. That means you're awesome on Skype-- reliable and fast.

We have been around for 10 years selling digital marketing courses and implementing digital marketing packages. So we have a lot of client documents that need editing, brochures of what we do to polish up, checklists that we must update with screenshots, and so forth.

While we expect you to be proficient at managing websites, the most important skill you can have is strong communication and organization skills to be on top of your email, basecamp (our project management system), and Skype (how we primarily communicate).

The three-level roles of WebMaster:

  • A level 1 (junior) engineer VA can do basic digital plumbing.
  • A level 2 (standard) engineer VA role can handle most webmaster work, too.
  • And a level 3 (senior) engineer VA can do sensitive, admin-level work.

We believe attitude is more important than current skill, since we hire for the long term.

If you're looking for a great team to be a part of for years to come, we want to hear from you!

To apply for this job, answer this quiz:


And send an email to hiring@yourcontentfactory.com with:

  • Your portfolio.
  • Why you want to work for our company.
  • Include "MEERKAT" in the subject line, so we know you're paying attention.
  • One minute video of your understanding of what Content Factory does.

If you submit an unpersonalized response, it will get ignored.

As you get better-- doing better quality work, demonstrating you can coordinate with teammates, and increasing your skills, we'll pay you more.

Most of our teammates started at Level 1 making a few dollars an hour and some are now making over $20/hour after 8-9 years with us. We have a career development and goals planning process, where the company is actively helping you achieve the goals you set. We want you to succeed

If you can edit video, even better, since we have many videos and interviews that we produce, which we need to chop up into smaller bits, categorize, and load into our training system.

And you must be a good team player, since we like to go through many drafts to get our materials just right.

To show us you can communicate, also make a one-minute video that reflects a pro-level understanding of what Content Factory does. You can prepare by writing bullets, but do not read the words to your camera. We're looking for communication skills, not the lighting or how nice your hair is. Communicating without reading on a script is key.

You must be super-duper reliable on email and using basecamp, our project management system.
And help us document what we're building.

We prefer someone who has experience managing a team, but we'll train up a junior person, too.

If there are multiple people qualified, then we'll hire multiple people-- since we customize jobs to make our people happy, as opposed to trying to find already "perfect" candidates.

Some examples of sites we like:

brendon.com --- strong personal branding (famous people).

digitalmarketer.com --- education and lead gen-- selling guides, courses, and certifications.

Here's a walk-though of one of the things we're building, which will integrate with our various WordPress sites:


We advance people based on merit, so you can move up as quickly as your performance demonstrates. So while the qualifying process is rigorous, the reward for joining a high-caliber, awesome team is worth it.

After all, wouldn't you want to work with amazing people who make you better and are fun to be around? We treat our people like family.

To get a taste of what we're known for, watch this video and demonstrate in your application that you truly understand why the biggest companies seek us out:


Only applications sent through the email will be entertained.