How Virtual Auctions Help Nonprofits Reach a Wider Audience


Profiting online isn’t solely for for-profit business.

Nonprofits can also prosper online using similar digital marketing skills and strategies as those used by their for-profit counterparts.

While there are many digital opportunities for nonprofits to explore, including social media and PPC , one unique opportunity stands out for those non-profits wanting to increase their donations.

That is, virtual auctions. 

In this article David Goodman, President and Founder of Auction Results, LLC explains what a virtual auction is and gives some resources to help your nonprofit benefit more using this digital strategy.

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Today’s digital world offers an excellent opportunity to set up and manage auctions virtually. Virtual auctions can allow for a wider audience than an in-person event. 

But to get the maximum results of this opportunity you need to make sure you know how to run them effectively.

What is a virtual auction?

A virtual benefit auction is a fundraising auction conducted for a nonprofit where all of the guests attend online instead of being together in the same room. 

We specialize in extremely sophisticated virtual auction events where the guests all attend online, from their own separate locations, but they participate and are engaged in real time, to bid during a live interactive and engaging auction

This is designed to be as fun for them, as if they were all together bidding and giving in the same room. 

So, what’s a virtual fundraiser?

There are many different types of virtual fundraisers (virtual auctions are included in this)-from simple programs where guests watch a prerecorded message and then send in their donations, to the extremely sophisticated events that we do at Auction Results, where the guests all attend online.

Participation and engagement happen in real time to support the cause seamlessly thru several tools including a live interactive auction that is as fun for them as if they were all together in the same room.

Resources to start a virtual auction

The best and easiest way to hold an online fundraiser auction for your nonprofit is to use one of the many available software companies in the market to host your event. Some of these companies are GreaterGiving,, OneCause, GiveSmart and Auction Event Solutions. 

By using these systems, you will be able to conveniently enter the items that you are selling online and then, through a seamless platform, allow your supporters to bid over the internet to support your cause. 

Of course, you’ll also want to have great items that you are selling that will interest your supporters and you will need a network of individuals to participate. 

But for nonprofits and charities, virtual auctions are one of the best ways to raise profits in the digital world, and if you’re not doing them, you’re missing out.


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