Video Editor Role

Turn long-form videos into powerful micro content!


What will I do as a Video Editor?

Video editing is one of the crucial roles in the team as we encourage our clients to make one-minute videos for a Dollar-a-Day. As a video editor, your main responsibility is to make sure that our videos are edited based on the standard that the company holds, may it be promo videos, one-minute videos, speaker reels, tutorials, or teasers.

Imagination, creativity, and attention to detail are essential skills that a video editor must have to generate the best possible video output. From placing video hooks to placing lower-thirds to proper color grading to sequencing the clips to mixing in the perfect music bed to enhancing the vocal narration to placing catchy titles, these are some of the main things needed to be considered in the editing process.

If you don’t have video editing experience, don’t worry. We have a course on that topic. Take note though that it's not all about editing videos, since we do more processing than editing.

Take the Video Editing Course in our Academy

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the course:

  • Understand the level of prioritization based on its importance and urgency
  • Learn how to create a cut list
  • Upload videos to YouTube following our naming convention
  • Create a caption using the following platform
  • Video editing checklist and guide
  • Editing internal video checklist
  • Post Editing

Here are some of the things you will learn how to create:


Editing a video for business can be continuous learning since there are several types of video formats you need to consider. Also, the software/tools, structure, and format of videos on all social media platforms are constantly being updated.


Meet Ali, our Team Lead for Video

Ali joined us with some experience already, but he struggled to learn our process at first. Slowly but surely, he improved because he challenged himself to get better, and now, he is an invaluable member of our team!

You can be just as good as Ali if video editing is your passion.

Consider if this role is for you!

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