Hiring Process

Hiring Process Flow Chart



1. Job post has a link to a quiz.

2. Job post requires an applicant's resume.

3. Job post requires applicants to send applications to hiring@yourcontentfactory.com.

4. A Job post contains the keyword, which depends on the role that an applicant must
write in the initial email.


1. Applicant.
2. Operations specialist.
3. Application evaluator.
4. Interviewer 1.
5. Interviewer 2.


1. There exists a Gmail account called hiring@yourcontentfactory.com.

2. The applicant evaluator is able to log in to hiring@yourcontentfactory.com.

3. The applicant evaluator forwards received email messages in
hiring@yourcontentfactory.com to the applicant evaluator's email address.

4. The applicant evaluator replies to applicants’ email messages and external email
messages using the applicant's email address with hiring@yourcontentfactory.com always
carbon copied (CC).

5. The applicant evaluator always cc's hiring@yourcontentfactory.com for all email messages
related to hiring and job applications.

6. The applicant evaluator must not Archive, Delete, Move, Label any email message in

7. No team member uses hiring@yourcontentfactory.com to reply to an email message.

8. Interviewer 1 can only interview once per applicant.

9. Interviewer 2 can only interview once per applicant.

10. All roles can fill other roles except that Interviewer 1 or Interviewer 2 cannot fill
each other’s roles.

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