How to Use VAs to Scale Your Digital Marketing

Do you want to talk about hiring VAs? Where do we look? How much do they cost, and how do we utilize them?

It is probably the most common question I have ever gotten in the last 20 years. And we have a VA hiring guide to answer all of these questions.

You should have VAs who know enough about what you do. So they can qualify by studying your training and then showing that they can do the work. 

So if we come to this group, Digital Marketing With Dennis Yu, all of you can take advantage of this. It’s got 20,000 members. I have posted many jobs here, and I always mention not to message me directly or comment on how I apply. Make a one-minute video demonstrating your understanding.

People bombard the comments demonstrating their abilities, making one-minute videos. You can use this platform for hiring your VA.

I can post it on Upwork. If I wanted, I could pay an extra ten or $20 to feature this job post so that it reaches six times more people.

How much does a VA cost?

It depends on how good they are but generally, assume someone is $500 a month full-time, which works out to $3 an hour. 

Remember that your time and mind are worth more than $3 an hour.  

Someone might say only hire from the US, but then you’re going to be looking at $80 to 100$ an hour, it will be higher quality, but then there’s a trade-off.

Once you hire the VAs, you have to train them as well. We also have a guide for the VAs to get training.

Six Roles for VAs

There are six roles for which you can hire a VA, and the pricing can be anywhere from $3 an hour to $20 an hour, depending on how good they are.

We have a six-phase process that we hire for. They go through six roles and phases, and I want you to understand them.

Have a clear process

Remember, when hiring a VA, you must hire them in a process. 

You should have a job post that is tied to training. You can never hire somebody without a process. 

Let’s say you hire a VA who is good at editing videos but you don’t have a process. Then how will you coordinate with them to store files? How will they get access? How will they know who else is on the team to work?

And if that process isn’t defined, it will burden you. Then VAs will come to you, wasting your time and asking you multiple questions.

We have a whole process for that. The VAs goes through our level-one training when we hire.

First I want them to study the training. They will have to pay attention to the training because there will be a quiz at the end. So when they are learning the training, they have to pass. They need to get at least 80% on the quiz.

Have different levels

Our people go through different levels when we hire them. They start at three dollars an hour, then go up to 12 dollars an hour. 

We have everything mapped out at these different levels on how you qualify. So it’s not just subjective and arbitrary. 

They might say, I made $10 an hour with my previous job. That’s great. But with us, we have the levels, and here’s what you have to do when they hit level four: they’re a team leader, which means they can manage and train other people.

So you don’t need to do that.

When you get a team of more than three VAs, you need a manager 

Otherwise, you will end up managing all these people, defeating the purpose of having VAs. To learn how this whole thing works, we have tons of training.

You can drive the best results if you have a process behind it. 

You can use other companies like Michelle. There are lots of companies and agencies that specialize in hiring VAs. Most of them are vertically specific. 

My personal opinion is it’s okay to hire VAs through other folks. But I believe the first VA you should probably hire yourself as the failure rate of agencies is high.

VA Failure Rate

I’ve worked with many agencies that hire VAs on behalf of other people. The failure rate on those is 80% to 90%. And this is even true for people like John Jonas or Chris Ducker, who are also very well known. 

The failure rate is super high because the underlying entrepreneur doesn’t have processes, and they don’t have clarity on what they want. 

If they try to have a super VA do everything, it will be a disaster.

My buddy Beja Parmar is probably one of the best people in the world in hiring, managing, and training VAs. He has 800 VAs. Anyone with a lot of experience in hiring and managing VAs will tell you the same thing. 

You should share your site. You should share what you do and share your success stories.

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