VA Hiring Guide

Do you want to talk about hiring VAs? Where do we look? How much do they cost, and how do we utilize them?

It is probably the most common question I have ever gotten in the last 20 years. And we have a VA hiring guide.

Now to your question about VAs. You want VAs who know enough about what you do. So they can qualify by studying your training and then showing that they can do the work. 

So if we come to this group, Digital Marketing With Dennis Yu, all you guys can take advantage of this. By the way, if you’re here, don’t be here just because you’re listening. 

You’re here to part. Otherwise, why would you be here?

So we have this group here. It’s got 20,000 members. 

And let’s say, if I post a job here, my buddy needs someone to process his long-form and selfie videos into our TikTok 15-second format. Please look at his book and website to learn about manual breathing to qualify. Then make a one-minute video demonstrating your understanding; do not just message him or comment on how I apply. 

If you don’t know how to edit TikTok-style videos, please see the training in the pinned threads in this group, especially the 15-second video course. And video editor course. Edit some of his existing videos into the style that works on TikTok,

And people are going to bombard in the comments demonstrating their abilities, making one-minute videos.

We can choose the industry. We can decide where it is. We can see it. It is just like Facebook with the ads library. 

Why wouldn’t you just freaking copy what’s here? It’s they’re all the same. You put the big text in the beginning, speak to the camera, and say something for 15 seconds.

You have a call to action or lead ad, the auto that fills the form. What more is there? It’s freaking right here. 

If you can’t Google it, you don’t belong on the internet. 

I can Post it on Upwork. I could pay an extra ten or 20 bucks to feature this job post if I wanted. So that reaches six times more people who spend 20 dollars.

How much does a VA cost?

Well, it depends on how good they are but generally, assume someone is 500 bucks a month full time, which works out to $3 an hour. 

Your time and mind are worth more than $3 an hour. You can also go up so if you want something for a project.

Then you want to go to an Upwork or whatever to do something like that. 

I have four or five episodes here during office hours where I go through and show how you do. Job posting the right way on Upwork and Fiverr. 

So you don’t have a bunch of random people applying and have to interview them all, I can reuse an existing job post.

I’m willing to take people from all over; for example, someone says only hire from the US, but then you’re going to be looking at 80 to a hundred bucks an hour, and it is higher quality, but then there’s a trade-off.

Here’s an example. 

I’m going to take what I just wrote and literally repurpose it. So everything I’m doing is repurposing. 

Many people will call that cheating, but I consider that just why not wise.

We have this VA hiring guide. We have everything in guide format and video format.

We have the presentation version and the guide version, presentation version, is meant for talking through,

You can access everything we have if you have access to office hours. We have a hundred courses on how to do anything you want. 

And so there’s a Hiring level one VA, once you hire the VAs, you want to train them as well. So we have the guide for the VAs themselves.

We’re constantly improving and updating. 

I go to the Philippines in these places all the time.

There are six roles for which you can hire a VA. And the pricing is anywhere from three bucks an hour to maybe even 15 dollars an hour, 20 bucks an hour, depending on how good they are.

And we have a six-phase process that we hire.

We’re only at the very end they talk to you because you don’t want to talk to everyone immediately, and as they’ll waste your time, they’re not qualified and have to use the keyword.

So we bury a keyword in the middle,

If you’re applying to be a video editor, you must use the word hedgehog. And so we bury that in the middle of the job post. 

If they don’t say hedgehog, they’re disqualified. We have a bunch of simple things, which is what we do.

I posted a job once and instantly disqualified everyone because they did not use the magic keyword.

Six Roles for VAs

They go through six roles and phases, and I want you to understand them.

Have a job post, but the job post is tied to training. You can never hire somebody without a process. 

Remember, when hiring a VA, you’re hiring them into a process. 

You can’t just say; I need to VA to edit videos. Let’s say you hire a VA who is good at editing videos but doesn’t have a process. Then how will you coordinate with them to store files?

How will they get access? How will they know who else is on the team to work?

And if that process isn’t defined, it will fall on your burden. Then VAs will come to you, wasting your time, asking you multiple questions.

We have a whole process for that. So when we hire a new VA, the VA goes through our level one training.

Welcome. You’re a new VA. So glad you’re here. My name’s John, and this is what I do.

And let me show you here’s my channel, and first I want you to do this thing, study this. Please pay attention to this stuff here because there is a quiz at the end. 

So when you watch my videos, you have a pass. You need to get at least 80% on the quiz.

So this is not just stuff where you click through and say, yes, I did it. You’re going to have to answer a quiz. So pay attention. 

So you don’t have to do that personally for everyone. 

It’s all pre-recorded. We use Infusionsoft to do this. You can use HelpBot MailChimp, whatever you want, active campaign.

The point is you’re using the marketing automation system as an auto-nag.

Most people use marketing automation as this lead gen blast people to go to landing pages.

I think that’s like 10% of the power of marketing automation. A marketing mission’s real power is onboarding, training, and running people through a process.

I want you to understand how we evaluate people. 

They have to use the keyword.

So let’s say you get one VA, and you like it. It’s so good. It’s like Lay’s potato chips. Then you have three or four VAs doing different things. You have a video editor and a project manager to coordinate, getting all the stuff.

So it’s not coming through you, according to a video graphics designer, website person, all different roles, no one person can do all those. That’s called the super VA.

And we have people submitting their videos in round one and round two. 

Now you don’t have to do everything.

But if you want a larger scale, then probably do. And some friends of mine have gone through this, and they have hired 200 VAs using this process. 

So, just because this is a robust process doesn’t mean you need all of it. 

When you go to the grocery store, you don’t have to buy everything.

What’s there to buy the things you need, the things you want, but when people start, they start at three bucks an hour, then they move up to 12 dollars an hour. 

We believe that once they get to level four as a project lead, we have everything mapped out at these different levels on how you qualify.

So it’s not just subjective and arbitrary. 

Well, I made ten bucks an hour with my previous job, that’s great. 

But with us, we have the levels, and here’s what you have to do when they hit level four: they’re a team leader, which means they can manage and train other VAs.

So you don’t need to do that. I don’t screen any of the VAs myself. 

When you get a team of more than three VAs, you need a manager 

Otherwise, you will end up managing all these VAs, which defeats the whole purpose of having VAs. 

Cause now you’re dealing with all these other people.

To learn how this whole thing works, we have tons and tons of training on how to do all this. 

You can even look at stuff with my buddy, John Jonas. He is the founder of online jobs. Ph. 

We’ve got lots of training from him on how you manage VAs.

He created online jobs at pH, the world’s largest VA marketplace. He has 2 million VAs on this website. 

I thought he’d be some guy who lived in the Philippines. When I met this guy ten years ago, this white guy had a whole team of VAs in the Philippines, and they managed the entire thing.

His wife got sick one time. So he couldn’t touch his business for three months, and everything worked fine because he had SOPs, team leads, processes, and all that stuff. Okay.

And all of this stuff is everything that we have here. 

There is nothing off limits during office hours. Everything that we do is in it. We document everything.

One of my friends partnered with a VA company, and they will help them train their VAs. 

So they have got 10 hours free for everyone if they join. It cuts out that having to hire and screen, So they assign you a VA manager and then find all the people for you. 

And you only pay for the hours that you use. You don’t have to hire them full-time.

As long as you have a process behind it, you can drive these kinds of results. 

You can use other companies like Michelle. There are lots of companies and agencies that specialize in hiring VAs. Most of them are vertically specific. 

So they’re focused on real estate agents or just the particular category.

My personal opinion is it’s okay to hire VAs through other folks. 

I believe that for the first VA, you should probably hire yourself as the failure rate of agencies.

I’ve worked with many agencies that hire VAs on behalf of other people. The failure rate on those is 80 to 90%. It’s high.

And this is even true for people like John Jonas or Chris Ducker, who are also very well known. 

VA Failure Rate

How do you hire VA? He’s got books on how to hire VAs failure rate is super high because the underlying entrepreneur doesn’t have processes, and they don’t have clarity on what they want. 

And they try to have that VA become a super VA, which is to do everything, which will be a disaster.

As a business owner, author, speaker, or coach expert, you have to go through those, and an agency, if they can, they bring you the best VAs. 

They can’t solve that for you. So Perry Marshall has a couple of people he uses to hire VAs, a COO, or others.

And they’re huge on having that process be obvious. 

My buddy Beja Parmar is probably one of the best people in the world in hiring, managing, and training VAs. 

I think he has 800 VAs, and I can talk about him. He’s been on my show a bunch of times. He lives across the street and will tell you the same thing.

Anyone with a lot of experience in hiring and managing VAs will tell you the same thing. 

So, you should share your site. You should share what you do and share your success stories.

It’s not that you want to offer things for cheaper or accessible. Indeed, that’s well, that’s good to say.

You can try it before buying it, like Costco’s free samples. You know, those little ladies offer free samples but even better is if you can show that there’s an ongoing process.

What if I say I want to be a heart surgeon, and I’ve been watching YouTube videos? So I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you that first heart surgery for free. 

What do you say?

So you want to be careful. It’s for free, but then I’m trusting my life. I’m entrusting my business to you.

And because you’re in office hours, you can go ahead and grab and download whatever it is.

Just know that we’re updating things all the time. So three months from now, some of those assets may be different. 

They’ll still fundamentally be like most of the same, but we’re improving like tons, changing many things. 

Dennis Yu

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