7 Things I Wish I Did Earlier When Scaling My LinkedIn Account

I had a great time golfing with Elliot Drake – A mad LinkedIn genius. He grew his company (Kennected) to 8 figures in less than three years! He sure knows how to scale on LinkedIn.

Here’s Elliot Drake – The Mad LinkedIn Genius, to my left

Here are seven things I wish I had done earlier — This has already made us six figures this year;

Show how you and your company can help people.

Your LinkedIn profile is your landing page. Instead of showing your job title in the headline and experience in the about section, show how you and your company can help people. Doing this will lead to Search Engine Optimization SEO on your profile.

Focus on providing value, not on soft skills

You don’t need soft skills and selling to make money on LinkedIn. If you can provide value, get straight to hard selling. Don’t waste time.

We closed a $300k deal with a generic message promising irresistible results.

Use LinkedIn scrapers

You cannot sell a $100k service to a company making $10k. Using LinkedIn scrapers, you can instantly find who needs your assistance and who can pay for your service.

Do not rely on scrapers for accurate information; they will narrow the search results.

Post 2-3 times a day max

LinkedIn is not like Twitter. It kills your engagement if you post too many times– Neither do you want to post too little.

Create informative content

LinkedIn is like any other platform. The easiest way to grow is by creating informative content. It can be tweet-sized content, videos, mid-range posts, repurposed threads, and carousel posts.

Constantly entertain and provide value to people.

Re-use content from Twitter

Most people post terrible content on LinkedIn, so it’s too easy to stand out. You don’t even have to put in the effort.

Go to analytics.twitter.com — Find your best tweets. Post them on LinkedIn.

Track your outreach

Tracking lets you know if your efforts are getting the desired outcome. Have a spreadsheet where you record;

  • Connections accepted
  • Messages sent
  • Contacts that received a call
  • Date of calls
  • Calls that got canceled
  • Connections you closed

Even if you couldn’t close them, you have at least made a connection you can close later.

And you can share the spreadsheet when you outsource the work.

Alex Berman
Alex Berman

Alex Berman is the founder and CEO of a marketing and lead generation firm, Experiment 27. He generated over $12 million in B2B sales and over $100 million in leads for his clients, helping them get onto the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing companies multiple years in a row.

He also creates weekly videos to help agency owners grow their businesses and increase revenue by teaching them how to optimize B2B sales cycles and implement inbound marketing strategies.

Berman runs a popular digital marketing channel on YouTube. He has also created a new program for driving sales with no ads called Email10k.

Alex has been featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur on Fire, Entrepreneur, and every other business magazine.