The Secret to Build Authority

We will talk about building agencies, companies, and personal brands.

So let me make this relevant for all of you guys here, we all are experts in our areas, and the best way to build your authority, you think, is by going more on camera, sharing what you know, sharing courses.

I will tell you a secret!

The secret to building authority is that you interview people with a bigger audience than you, who are the people your target audience respects.

If you make videos with people your target audience respects, that’s what we call inspection. It is one level up, and you get better reach.

The people who speak better have more authority.

I have known David for eight years. Back then, he was one of the sharpest entrepreneurs with the brand, I interviewed David, and he gave me a shout-out on stage in front of all these agency owners. He made a post couple of days ago.

14440 is the most crucial number in the world because that is how many minutes you have in a day, so if your goal is being a speaker, whether you are a newer agency or business, make sure that the minutes you are spending on going towards your goals.

It is just like how I talk about waiter and the cook; if you are in-home services, you are considered more like a technician, aka cook.

The idea is if you can focus on spending your time on what you are good at and providing the most value, so if you want to be a speaker, creating videos and using a Dollar A Day strategy to get those videos in front of your top 10 or 100 people to see.

Me, Sharing my Expertise

It would be best if you had some exposure, your niche, the value you are sharing, and sharing a vertical that provides value.

Taking something like creating straightforward content, having enough videos to test dollar-a-day strategy, and getting that content in front of people that you could use to leverage your speaking for authority. 

It is something you literally should practice. It might seem like manipulation, but if you do it intentionally. 

In the world of cliche, we live in an attempt to be successful.

You are who you surround yourself with.

How to Build Authority

So when you put yourself around the right people, go to the suitable events, make the right connections, get the right people interviewed, or start making enough content to get in front of the right people, you can get results.

I’ve been going down this path for eight years.

The biggest challenge you struggle to begin with is; Understanding and getting comfortable with the things you naturally are good at and the things required to start a business, identifying the things you could hire and the things you could do yourself.

When we are staring out, I think many of us start to wear many hats, but you need to figure out how to disconnect from the things we started with emotionally. It is your business, your baby. You want it to grow, leaping hiring, people to do something. 

Getting VA is very important.

So David was able to automate and systemize himself out of the process to the point where we are sharing how he does what he does, and he has 1000s of other pressure washers and home service businesses saying David, how do you do this?

So the best way for him to become a marketing company was not by talking to a marketing company but by actually doing what he is doing.

Authority Bridge

The key concept, point of inception, is not that I provide direct mail.

Inception is one level further than that, so instead, I help couches to be able to visualize their dreams.

How do you play one level deeper?

Who is the person you can make content with so that communicates what you do in a much stronger way without you ever needing to say it?

Inception is you plant that idea in their head.

I define other people and use them as a bridge to build more authority.

And you interviewed all these other people, which is excellent. You might think that the people I interviewed, oh no, are so crucial for authority.

So what happens when you approach all these people who are top, never going to talk?

When I ask questions, they give a tip, five to six minutes of golden words, giving me much more than I was accepting.

This is how it helps in building authority.

These other people might seem irrelevant as they are not relevant in your niche. Find questions that feed your audience value even though they are not experts in those niches, and it does not help in authority.

So there is a concept of a topic wheel, you are the hub, your product or services draw your face to the center of what you are selling, and the spokes connecting the wheel provide the power to the wheel. These are connecting topics.

We like to have six spokes.

So what are the three professional things and three personal things?

Many people think, well, this is just business. I help publishers drive more leads to Facebook ads.

Okay, maybe that’s what you do, but people buy based on your why, so perhaps you value your family or church instead.

Most people don’t understand this.

But when you look at people who are more successful in your niche, that is the lighthouses.

What percent of the content you see from the people you respect in your industry is about the things that are not directly related to what they do?

70-80%, there are some people; the older they are, the more that number will be lower.

But the younger they are under 30, you will look at 80, 90 plus.

These people are the most successful in any industry we want to go after for authority.

Why is 80–90% of the content not related? Are they wasting their time?

They are connecting with an audience so they can connect or discount you. It’s good in both ways.

Here is the other thing that helps in authority. If 80% of our content is not directly related to something we have, should we create content like the food we ate, the picture of flower outside, or talk about random things we do?

Yes, we should, but it has to be the high authority.

So there is my friend Qasim. He has his number 1 google ads agency and does 54 million dollars in ads spent. He spoke on stage. He says; to niche down and focus.

The only reason I am on stage is that I was able to claim the tiny piece of land for myself, and if you are everything, everybody, it s tough even if you are good. 

You create one youtube video daily, every day for 90 days then youtube begins to suggest your videos. 

Here is a thing!

All video has to be under 10 minute. It would help if you had a 70 percent retention rate at one minute.

You take your 10-minute videos, use Descript, pull out all the best seller nuggets, pull little coming soon tags, and drop fire. Now it takes a minute to get through that.

All these little things matter.

I asked my friend Stacy whose mission is to create thousands of jobs for people. 

He wants to bring stability to the world and focuses on Latin America.

He is going to be the top employer in this country. 

How to Approach High Authority People

You might wonder how you get all these high-power people to Costa Rica. It’s a lot of hard work.

If you have the right team and the right people, you can!

Have you thought about who you want to approach and who could be the lighthouse for you? Who would you like to have on your website?

You have all sort of reasons and excuse about my website is not ready yet. And people are not willing to talk to me.

It is a little more challenging for people who charge more than 100000 dollars, but you can get one level below them.

Approach high authority people.

Go to events, be present, and have a human connection.

You might say I do not have Dennis’s network and do not have to interview skills to do this. I do not have friends of friends. Dennis is a well-known speaker. It is easy for him to walk down.

It is not even necessary. All you need to do is reach out and say Hi.

Talk to people who know how to Network.

So when you co-create with other people, record the zoom meeting, and record one minute video with other people. Then you are going to repurpose it with the help of your VAs into blog posts, YouTube videos, press releases, TikTok, and Instagram.

The beauty is when you co-create content with highly authoritative people, you do not need to have any expertise.

Do I have expertise in email boxing? I am not known for that.

It Is the perception that all these people are high authority, and it would be hard to approach them.

But in the events, you see that they are just like you. They will give you time for free. 

People that are doing well have an abundance mindset. You find stingy people that aren’t successful, the genuinely successful people are happy to share, so then what you need to do is

If you’re busy doing these 50 other things, but one thing that should be on your to-do list which costs you nothing, easy to do is, 

Have a podcast, and all the people think there is a lot of effort going on in podcasts. No, it would be best if you said you have a podcast. That’s it!

You say you have podcasts, you don’t have to be on apple podcasts or Google podcasts, and if you do not have podcast equipment but have an iPhone, just make a video, interview them, and have your VA edit them. 

Isn’t it amazing? It’s all the stuff you didn’t even know you didn’t know. It’s not what you know you didn’t know.

That is why you go to things like this.

That’s why I’m hanging around with all these people

People ask me, Dennis, how do you know this much? I don’t know anything. I’m just around these people. 

It is a lot easier now for all these events.

Dennis Yu

About the Author

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads.  He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.

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