The cheapest and most ridiculous way to get people’s attention

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I like to input text into sign generators. Then post these on Facebook to get the attention of friends and clients.  Put your message on a church sign, “For Dummies” book cover, stadium megatron, supermarket register, pawn shop, post-it note, or even construction signal.


Be memorable. Be humorous. Especially if you’re too cheap to buy a real card or thoughtful gift for that friend or associate who has everything.


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Mashable even created a list of their favorite sign generators.


And feast your eyes on a few hundred sign generators here, the motherlode of them. Don’t blame me when you blow a few hours playing with these.

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My favorite is perhaps the church sign generators here.


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There are a lot of choices.  Just fill in some text. Even the logos are customizable.


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If you’re a pizza restaurant, let fans customize a message on your pizza box.


If you’re in sales, amplify your message in a Facebook post that is workplace targeted to your custom audience. Snipe one person’s newsfeed.


Think of the killer marketing angles.


If you’re really enterprising, you can download the open source code and make your own generator on whatever image you like.  Or pay a freelancer on or elance.comperhaps $200 to tweak one for you.


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Give it a whirl and post your favorites here!


Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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