Run Ads on TikTok and Boost your Profile

Create a TikTok account, and let’s call it the home inter version, set up the business center account, and then merge the two so everyone starts with the personal kick and wants to convert to business. 

So everyone has to set up a business center. 

We recommend that you turn TikTok into a business as you can boost your post, which is different from the business center. 

On Facebook, you have a profile, and you can have a page, but then you still have your business manager.

The business manager is the same thing as the business center on TikTok; this is how you manage all your assets, accounts, different users, and all apps you might have tied to it. 

So if you have multiple ad accounts and multiple people, let’s say you have numerous VAs, you would manage all that inside your business center.

Upgrade this account to a business account before you can publish ads with this identity. 

You can still run ads. You can boost other people’s posts even if you don’t convert your profile to a business profile. 

But I think a lot of the posts unless you’ve got great connections and stuff, might as well boost off your posts.

So it sparks ads. You can boost your profile or boost other people’s stuff.

TikTok Ads Strategy 

We have a whole course on that too, and then we have another course on business management for Facebook. 

So I would recommend doing Facebook and TikTok simultaneously because they are similar.

You don’t have to have everything there. We talk about why you want to move to GA four, the advantages of that over GA universal, and why you would like to have a Google tag manager fire the TikTok pixel.

Why would we like to have that?

You don’t have to do that to be able to run TikTok ads. It’s just better. 

Suppose you are running on multiple channels and want to track as people move between TikTok, Facebook, email, and your website, So you’re driving leads. 

It’s good to have that, but don’t think that just because there are lots of steps in digital plumbing, you have to do all of them.

See, the different plugins we like to use constantly change.

For example, I used to be a big fan of all-in-one SEO, and now I like rank math better than a general SEO plugin. 

And that’s changed in the last couple of years.

In the last six months, Google and TikTok have changed in managing pixels

That plumbing changes all the time. So it’s like maintenance; you must bring your car in for an oil change every six months.

So message it in the Facebook group for office hours

We have a hundred different courses here, and people can learn. And also like in our group for office hours, there’s only 300 in this group.

The bigger groups have way more people in them but here. We’re constantly sharing new things. It’s not just a membership with group coaching; we offer certain kinds of implementation for free.

And we have access to lots of cool stuff, and we have plugins that we pay for that we get enterprise. 

We publish all previous episodes here, but the Facebook group is the best place to be able to connect. Because I think the best way to do group coaching is to be together in a group, not just access all these various files and videos.

I have a TikTok book. Someone in port couldn’t run ads in the US.  

My Book on Guide to TikTok Advertising

So my options would be to stick to the UK or find some in the US. You can run ads in the UK and specific countries. You can’t like Pakistan, and I don’t know why TikTok doesn’t expand that.

You have to have an account. If you’re in a country that is not where you can’t run ads, you have to have someone else create that account.

There’s a chance you could get disabled. TikTok does look at the IPS of who else is logging in—so having a solid business center configured correctly, where that admin is from the US, and someone in the US creates that account.

It’s because you can invite people from countries like the Philippines to work on processing content and whatnot.

You can select the country if you try to boost TikTok

There are three ways to run ads, but you must do it inside the ads manager to do country or geotargeting.

That’s where you have the most targeting options. You won’t see them, like when boosting posts or using coins. 

If you have any questions or need any micro sort of help, please take advantage of being in this group. It’s like having a gym membership.

You can have a gym membership, but if you don’t go to the gym, then what’s the point?

It doesn’t mean you have to go every day, but it could be something we could do.

I’m verified on most social networks and have many followers. I’m happy to retweet the things you have. I am happy to give you links to things I have in a white hat. 

That’s not something you can get by buying a course or being in a group.

Our main website is domain rank, 74, immense power. 

Do you want to publish an ebook there? We’ll do it for free for you.

So take advantage of all the things. Scroll through the other post and office hours. Look at the further training we have and take advantage. 

Ask questions that you have in advance. We’ll cue them up and prioritize it.

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Dennis Yu
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