Pure Green Franchise: Nurturing Health, Success, and Growth in the Health and Fitness Industry

In a recent Coach Yu show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Franklin, the founder of Pure Green, which is rapidly becoming one of the top juice franchises. Here is an extract from the interview:

Ross Franklin 1

Ross, you’ve been deeply involved in the health and fitness industry for over two decades. How did you make the decision to transition from the fitness sector to the competitive world of retail?

My background primarily revolved around high-end fitness, from gyms to specialty boutique studios. However, after years in the industry, I realized that nutrition played a significant role in achieving optimal health. Nutrition accounts for about 80% of the results, while fitness is only about 20%. That realization led me to explore the idea of making a bigger impact on people’s health through nutrition. I saw the potential of juice bars, as I used to do consulting for them, and how they could offer a more effective way to promote wellness. That’s when the concept of Pure Green was born.

That’s quite a journey. So, in a market filled with smoothies and juice bars, what sets Pure Green apart from the competition?

Excellent question. Our key differentiators lie in the products we offer. At Pure Green, we prioritize two crucial factors: unparalleled taste and high-performance nutrition. We’ve invested in creating products that not only taste amazing but also provide substantial health benefits. To achieve this, we have a nutritional advisory board consisting of expert dieticians, some of whom work with professional sports teams and the US military. Every health claim we make is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research, making our offerings trustworthy and reliable.

It’s impressive how you’ve combined taste and nutrition in your products.

Speaking of taste, many people wonder how you manage to make green juice delicious without adding excessive sugars or additives. Can you share some insights into that?

Of course. We are very mindful of added sugars and focus on using naturally occurring sugars from fruits in some of our products. To make green juice more enjoyable, we carefully balance bitter flavors with sweeter elements like apple, ginger, or lemon. The key is finding the right combination of ingredients to deliver a tasty, well-rounded product. Our formulations go through extensive testing to ensure they strike the perfect balance between taste and nutrition.

That sounds like a winning combination.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the franchising aspect. Your franchise has been remarkably successful, with many locations thriving. How do you attract the right franchisees, and what qualities do you look for in potential franchisees?

Attracting the right franchisees is crucial to our success. We consider two primary factors: location and operator quality. A great location can contribute significantly to a franchise’s success, but a skilled operator can excel even with a less-than-ideal location. As for qualities, we don’t necessarily require previous experience in the restaurant or franchise industry. Instead, we look for passionate individuals who align with our mission of building healthier communities. A genuine drive to educate and promote a healthier lifestyle is a quality we value highly in potential franchisees.

That makes sense. Passion and commitment are essential for success in any venture.

Now, opening a physical location can be daunting for first-time entrepreneurs. How do you support your franchisees during their grand opening and ensure their success?

We provide extensive support to our franchisees, especially during their grand opening. Before the big day, we equip them with comprehensive training through our intranet, where they have access to training videos, operational procedures, and product recipes. Additionally, they spend a week at our company headquarters, undergoing Pure Green University training. Once they’re ready to open, our team visits their location and conducts on-site training for their entire team, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from the beginning.

Your support system sounds impressive and reassuring for new franchisees.

Now, when it comes to marketing and brand awareness, how much do you rely on the brand’s recognition versus the need for marketing efforts?

It’s a balancing act. While we do have a significant wholesale business that aids in brand recognition, we understand that marketing plays a crucial role in introducing Pure Green to new markets. Our products, combined with exceptional customer experiences, serve as powerful marketing tools in themselves. By offering samples and showcasing our unique products, we can attract new customers who then become loyal patrons. It’s a combination of brand recognition and strategic marketing efforts that propel our franchise’s success.

That’s a smart approach, leveraging your unique products to create a buzz and attract new customers.

For those who are considering becoming franchisees but have concerns about hiring and managing employees, how do you help them overcome these challenges?

The remarkable thing about being a part of our franchise is that we have comprehensive systems and processes in place aligning with what you teach. Every job ad is readily available on our intranet, equipped with the latest technology and connections to various hiring platforms. You don’t need to worry about searching for candidates; just post the ad, and hundreds of applicants will come flooding in.

Moreover, we have screening processes that streamline the identification of the best candidates, again, just like the techniques you teach. We use the same proven methods to bring in top-notch team members who share our passion for health and wellness. Experience isn’t mandatory; what matters most is that they possess that spark, that eagerness to make a difference.

When hiring, we look for individuals who embody the spirit of hospitality. Our team members must be genuine, ready to welcome our guests with a warm smile, and committed to learning their names to create an unforgettable experience. They become enthusiastic ambassadors, eager to educate our customers about our exceptional products.

That’s great to hear. Having established systems and training in place can make a significant difference for franchisees.

Let’s delve into some key aspects that potential franchisees should know. Many of them might think they can be absentee owners, but what are the unexpected things they should be aware of beyond the standard operating procedures?

That’s a great question, Dennis. While being a hands-off operator is possible, we highly encourage franchise partners to be present in the store, especially during the first 90 days. Those initial months are make or break, and being actively involved ensures a smooth operation and profitability. We’ve seen franchisees achieve tremendous success by focusing on hospitality, guest experience, and team training. It’s all about executing the basics and creating a welcoming environment.

Absolutely, the first 90 days are crucial for setting the tone. Speaking of success, what does it take for a franchisee to be considered successful within that timeframe?

A prime example is one of our franchisees in Columbia, Maryland. She opened her store, and in less than 60 days, she reached the top 10 stores in our franchise. Her secret was a laser focus on hospitality and guest experience. By simply following our training and executing the basics flawlessly, she achieved outstanding results.

That’s fantastic! It’s evident that your franchisees are excelling under your guidance. How about expansion? Are many of your franchisees opening multiple stores?

Yes, Dennis. The sign of real success is when a franchisee starts opening their second and third locations. We’re thrilled to see that around 90% of our franchisees have either opened their second store or are in the process of doing so. This proves that our franchise partners are thriving, and our culture of support and continuous improvement has been a key factor in this growth.

It’s amazing to see such rapid expansion within your franchise. Are you considering expanding internationally?

Absolutely, Dennis. We’re currently in talks with potential international partners in the Middle East, including the UAE and Kuwait. It’s fascinating because, surprisingly, the amount of work required to train a single unit franchisee in the US is almost identical to the effort needed for training a large group. We’ve been cautious about expanding internationally for a while, but now we realize it’s well worth it to partner with the right individuals and take our brand worldwide.

For us to expand internationally, we look for partners willing to commit to at least 10 units. We believe it’s the right time for us to take our brand worldwide, and we’re excited to find the right partners to join us on this journey.

International expansion sounds promising! I recall collaborating with a master franchisor in the UAE who had numerous locations not only in Kuwait and the UAE but also owned multiple KFCs and Burger Kings. These groups are quite impressive, with an umbrella of various franchise brands and a massive infrastructure. They’re well-versed in real estate, development, operations, and finance, making the franchise process seamless and efficient. Working with such experienced partners is truly rewarding, as they fully comprehend the essence of following a proven system in franchising.

With marketing being a crucial aspect for franchisees, how does your franchise support them in this area?

Dollar a Day Workshop Cover CF

We understand the importance of marketing, and we take it seriously. Our franchisees benefit from a well-thought-out marketing calendar, monthly franchise calls, and extensive support in terms of assets and content for social media platforms. We experiment with different marketing strategies, including your dollar-a-day approach on various platforms. The ultimate goal is to continuously improve and provide our franchisees with the tools they need to succeed.

I admire your dedication to equipping your franchisees for success. It’s evident that you’re continually learning and adapting.

One last question, Ross. Is there a specific question you wish potential franchisees would ask you more often?

Indeed, Dennis. I wish potential franchisees would inquire more about the quality of our ingredients and the superfoods we use. This showcases their passion for health and wellness, which aligns perfectly with our brand’s mission. When they delve into the nutrition aspect, it demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact on people’s lives through healthier choices.
In addition to the questions about their passion for health and wellness, I find it equally important and exciting when potential franchisees inquire about our financials, such as revenue figures. As a franchise, there are certain limitations on what we can disclose, but I must say our numbers are truly impressive.

We provide them with our item 19, which is a section in the franchise disclosure document revealing store-by-store revenue and gross profit. Our numbers speak for themselves, and it’s always a straightforward and positive topic for us to discuss.

That’s an excellent point, Ross. It shows that they are truly invested in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your insights. Your success with Pure Green Franchise is truly inspiring, and I’m sure our audience will gain valuable knowledge from this interview.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for having me on the show. It has been an incredible experience.

I am truly thankful for all the valuable knowledge I have gained from you and your exceptional training courses. Applying those insights to Pure Green has been a pivotal factor in our success and ongoing improvement, especially in areas like marketing, SEO, and overall business growth. I’m excited to keep pushing the boundaries and taking our franchise to even greater heights.

Thank you again for having me here.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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