Posting On A Blue Checkmark Social Media Account

When it comes to managing a blue checkmark account, it may seem intimidating, but it is quite simple.

Before engaging with others, you need to make sure you have an idea of how the account owner would respond.

You don’t want to post in a voice that is the opposite of what the account owner would post in.

For example, if the account owner is known to post with correct grammar and punctuation, you need to be sure to do that as well.

Otherwise this would be a dead giveaway.

This could lead to a negative perspective of them.

You should especially be aware of this with inbox management. This would include filtering message requests, as well as responding to individuals.

Even if it is a simple, “Thank you!”.

Second, make sure to engage on the account owner’s posts and articles from other people.

The simplest form of interaction is a Like, but you could also let them know that they made your day or ask for their opinion on your content.

People love to be noticed by others, especially when it’s a high authority figure on social media.

Community managers must be aware of this influence and leverage it to the best of their ability.

Third, responding to other people’s posts and articles is another responsibility of a community manager.

This is to ensure that the account owner is known to engage with others. Again, people love to be noticed.

Cross-posting articles onto social media is one of the many proven ways to generate influence.

Lucky for community managers, there are buttons on articles that make posting easier!


Use these to quickly post on social media accounts.

Overall, everything should be done in order to create more authority for the account owner.

If you want to learn more on how to properly manage high authority pages or generate authority for your own public figure page, check out our Influence Generator!

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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