Ordering Face Socks


Hello all and thank you in advance for your help. There are times we like to send a special gift to some of the people we come into contact with during the workday. One of our favorite gifts to send to them is Custom Face Socks. It is a fun personalized gift that they can use for years to come. 

Information Needed

You will be supplied with who we want to buy the socks for. This may include searching through some emails to find the specific names of the individuals. If you cannot determine who the recipients are then please ask. 

You will then need to find the proper delivery address. Search the business website of each recipient, around the internet, etc. You can also email them and ask for their mailing address for our “contact list”. If it cannot be found please send Mr.Yu a message.

Before ordering, you are going to need their image to place on the sock. You can get this from their LinkedIn profile, business bio, social media, any outlet you choose is fine as long as you are definite that it is the correct person.

Lastly, we like to include a personal message with the gift. This message will likely be with the request. If it is not please send Mr. Yu a message and ask if would like to include one. 


You will need to order each pair of socks separately unless they are going to the same delivery address.

We order from Hoopswagg. Sign in with the following credentials.

Email: access@blitzmetrics.com

Password: blitzmetrics1

Select “Hand Written Note” $3.00-add the personalized note that was sent with the task and “add to cart” then select “Continue Shopping”.

Now select “1 Face Socks L”-$24.99

Choose a background that you think is fun, upload the image you found, and choose a quantity of “1”. Click “Add to Cart”.

You can then proceed to the checkout process. We have a special promo code arranged for our purchases.  It is: blitzmetricsisthebest.  Please include this on every purchase you make.

If you are with Fancy Hands you will complete the purchase as you would with any other by asking for approval through the task. Anyone else will proceed as directed by Mr.Yu to complete the purchase.


Once the purchase is completed, please log the information into the gift tracker under the 2022 tab.


You are done!


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