Managing Public Figure Pages

Initial Setup
Create and use a public figure page to boost your personal brand.

  1. Understand the prerequisites for building a page.
    a. Be willing to produce video.
    b. Have something to teach.
    c. Have a long-term mindset.
  2. Get the same profile picture across all platforms.
  3. Go to Facebook Page Creator and start creating your page.
  4. Connect to Business Manager.
  5. Create a Facebook ad account.
  6. Start boosting posts on Facebook using your Ad account.
  7. Plumbing- Set up tracking.
  8. Content: What to post.

    Create a Content Library:
    Use Mention, Google Alerts, CrowdTangle, and Brand24.
    Content Library Template
    Ongoing Page Maintenance: 10 min per day by Virtual Assistant.
    Inbox Management
    Respond with a canned message or if you know how to help that person, assist them as needed.
    Engagement Management
    Like all shared posts.
    Comment on the shared post saying “Thanks for sharing!”

Positive Comments

If from a public figure, ask if we could quote them on that. Else, reply with a
“Thank you!” note, or appropriate response.
Keep track of positive, high authority comments — add to content library.
Negative Comments
Hide all negative comments.
Block persistent negative comments from the same person.
Invite people to like the page.
Content Library updating:
Adding positive mentions.
Iterating on “Greatest Hits”.
Adding videos to your “Current Videos” section as you upload to Youtube.