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If you use a smartphone to record, you'll find that the sound quality is absolutely terrible. You need to have some kind of microphone. You've seen me and other friends using this Rode Wireless Go mic. It's $299, and it's something that hundreds of my friends have bought. It's the best wireless mic under $1,000.

I consider Rode to be the standard. I'm not an affiliate for them. I've just used their products for many years. If, in case, you don't want to use the Rode Wireless Go 2, you can use a wired lavalier which is a kind of microphone that has a clip.

You could use other kinds of wired mics like the Tascam or a Sennheiser AVX if you're hooking up to XLR inputs on a real professional camera. Unless you're a real pro, I'd focus on the Rode.

Check it out. I'd love to see what you guys are doing with your sound. Sound is going to be the most important consideration in the quality of your video, believe it or not.

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15-Sec Video Course