If only I could be this productive

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Would you rather pay this guy by the hour or by the job?

In a minute and 41 seconds, he must have put down 200 bricks.
So even if an average bricklayer did 20 bricks, paying this guy TEN TIMES the normal hourly rate is still a fair deal.

And that’s how we should be thinking about our businesses.
Pay based on what they accomplish, not how much time they put in.

If you pay by time, you reward folks who take longer.
Folks who take five times longer to do something, get rewarded with five times the pay.

Are you unwittingly rewarding poor performance in your business?

Pay hourly only to folks who are in training stages, where you’re okay with losing money because you’re making a long-term investment in them.
Or do it where the work is so hard to quantify that you can’t easily set up measurable goals or checklists.

On one end of the spectrum, you have activities like sales that are measurable/commissionable.
On the other end, you have the arts, research, and things with intrinsic value.
In the middle, you have non-profits, engineering activities, and marketing (you can still measure to an outcome, as opposed to dictating exactly how it’s done).

In the world of online marketing, nearly everything can be driven by checklists.
We know this, since our execution is entirely done by checklists, mostly implemented by young adults.
But you need to have conversion tracking and execution plans (like Ryan Deiss’ DigitalMarketer.com) in place beforehand.

Bottom line: if you don’t have checklists that drive every part of your business, you can’t measure performance.

Joel Widmer of Fluxe Digital Marketing, believes in the power of using checklists to keep you on track. His thoughts:

You can’t grow your business or expect to become more productive without creating checklists. By creating checklists for regular tasks, you can free up your mind to think about how to improve and scale, instead trying to remember the next step.

Read ‘The Checklist Manifesto‘ to understand how to go about setting up checklists.

And start getting repeatable excellence in your business– the ability to scale reliably.

It’s the only way to transition from the never-ending exhausting of working in your business, instead of on your business.
You probably read the E-Myth, so you know how grueling entrepreneurship is, even if you are a good delegator.

Here are some of the checklists in our business:

Set-up Checklist
Personal Branding Guide
Content Marketing Guide
Facebook for a Dollar a Day
Google Tag Manager
Nine Triangles/Business Framework Guide
Client Love Guide

Are you using checklists in your processes to keep on track and scale your efforts?

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