How Twins Garage Door Repair Can Improve Their SEO

Twins Garage Door Repair offers garage door repair services in Wisconsin and Kentucky.

Let’s analyze how their SEO can be improved.

The bad news is that Twins Garage Door Repair isn’t ranking for many of the local search terms they could be targeting. They have two Google My Business (GMB) listings, one in Wisconsin and another in Kentucky

When we examine their keywords, they do rank for their brand name and some informational queries like “how to adjust the garage door travel” and “how to install this.” 

Twins Garage Door Repair
Keywords that Twins Garage Door Repair rank for.

These are low-difficulty keywords, which means they are relatively easy to rank for. On a scale of zero to one hundred, their site has a power rating of 15. This is okay for a local business, but we aim to get it higher.

For instance, if we look at “garage door installation” in Madison, Wisconsin, their page ranks for zero keywords. None of the services they offer seem to rank for any relevant terms. There are a few critical issues to address, but their location service pages currently lack the necessary authority to improve their rankings.

Twins Garage Door Repair Top pages Performance

When I look at their top pages, I see keywords like “how to adjust garage door travel” and “installing Genie garage door opener.” However, for keywords like “Garage Door Lexington, Kentucky,” they don’t have much presence. If I’m thinking of Kentucky, I’m considering major cities like Louisville, but I don’t see their presence there. 

Twins Garage Door Repair
Top ranking pages for Twins Garage Door Repair

They lack a strong local signal. For example, if I’m a plumber in Richardson, it needs to be clear that I serve Richardson and nearby cities. Their service pages mention emergency services, but they don’t rank well. Whether it’s weather stripping or cable repair, most of these pages have almost zero rankings.

There are three main reasons for this. First, they likely lost their GMB, which is an easy way to signal their presence. Second, their location service pages don’t seem to have enough trust. Third, they don’t have enough powerful links to clearly signal that they operate in Lexington, Louisville, or other areas.

When Google looks at a webpage that says “Best garage door repair near they in Mount Sterling, Kentucky” and repeats “Mount Sterling, Kentucky” multiple times, it sees keyword stuffing. This tactic tries to trick Google by overusing keywords like “Mount Sterling, Kentucky.”

This kind of repetition signals keyword stuffing. Random testimonials and generic questions with stock images of garage doors are another red flag. If this content is used in many places, it further reduces trust.

Twins Garage Door Repair
Use of stock image on Twins Garage Door Repair website reduces trust on Google

Based on this content, could a spammer create a similar page? Yes, even someone with no experience in garage doors or knowledge of Mount Sterling, Kentucky, could generate many such pages. As Google, which assumes websites are guilty until proven innocent, they’d find no signal proving that Twins Garage Door Repair is reputable or actually serves Mount Sterling, Kentucky. There’s nothing to establish trust.

Google will say they don’t satisfy Google‘s EEAT because they don’t show their experience. At Mount Sterling, they don’t provide real pictures, images, or stories of their technicians. They don’t show how long they’ve been around or include reviews to prove they actually do what they claim in the city.

There are three main SEO issues, but the first is that they don’t demonstrate their trustworthiness on their site. I know they do this work because they have 500+ reviews on their GMB, but it’s not reflected on their website. Google will assume their site lacks trust because it’s not showing these crucial elements.

They need to have an internal person who knows all their stories and has their expertise. They’re in home services, so they can interview Tommy or others with garage door companies to prove they’re a legitimate garage door business. 

Show their technicians, the number of vans they have, and examples like someone fixing a squeaky spring. Include one-minute videos like Tommy and I teach. This is what they need to do.

The good news is that they’re getting traffic from blog posts like “how to adjust garage door travel” and “squeaky springs.” Some of this traffic has been new for the last few days, which is good. 

Twins Garage Door Repair
How Twins Garage is getting traffic

Their site has enough trust to rank for these terms, but when people search for how to adjust garage door travel, how many are within their service areas?

If I were an unethical SEO person, I could declare victory by pointing out that they’re ranking for keywords and generating traffic. But as the owner of a garage door company, they’d ask if they’re getting more phone calls in Madison, Wisconsin, or Lexington, Kentucky. 

Having blog posts on how to fix garage doors is great, but unless they’re a nationwide company, it doesn’t help them much. For example, ranking in position 24 for “garage door motor not running” is not beneficial if it’s not bringing local business.

The number one thing to fix is their location service pages. In Madison, Wisconsin, what shows that they actually serve Madison? Is the garage in Madison? 

It’s crucial to show Google without a doubt that they do what they claim to do in the city they serve and have experience doing it. 

Twins Garage Door Repair
The use of stock images on the Madison location page reduces the trust that Twins Garage serves in the Madison area.

SEO is about proving to Google, like a judge, that they have the expertise and presence in their service area.

The next steps for improving Twins Garage Door Repair SEO

The first thing to address is the location service pages. It’s not hard to do, but they need someone internal who can manage a shared Google Drive with all the stories, videos, and pictures.

If I’m talking about Madison, I need pictures and stories from Madison or the next best thing—no random stock images. For instance, Marquette is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I was there on September 18th. I took a picture at the human sports performance lab, where they measured my body fat and bone density. This picture includes automatic metadata like the date, location, and device used.

Twins Garage Door Repair
Dennis Yu at Marquette University.

When I tie this picture to my YouTube channel or embed it in a blog post, it signals to Google who I am and what I do in the city I claim to serve. The U.S. military restricts social media posts to avoid revealing troop locations, but metadata in photos already includes this information.

Here’s me with Tommy and another home services expert at his conference.

Twins Garage Door Repair
Dennis Yu at Tommy Mello’s conference.

I didn’t manually tag the location or people because the AI includes this data. Google will trust genuine photos with metadata over random stock images. If I want to show expertise in garage doors, Google will trust a photo of me with Tommy more than a random garage door picture.

Twins Garage Door Repairs should have someone on their team gather all of this information or search Google, look at reviews, and collect everything about what they’ve done and where they’ve done it. We categorize and organize it inside that first box.

Then, in stage two of the Content Factory, we process it and turn it into content for YouTube, Facebook, blog posts, and Google My Business (GMB) posts. 

Twins Garage Door Repair
The 4-stages of Content Factory.

In stage three, represented by that teal color, we run ads against this content to ensure that Google and our target audience see it. When we go through these four stages, that’s how they drive SEO—not through some magical solution you pay someone in to handle.

It starts with showing the proof that you do what you do in stage one. After that, others can come in and do their part.

There are several paths they could take. One option is to hire someone—perhaps a young adult, a friend of theirs, or a local high school student. They could even hire a virtual assistant (VA) from anywhere to complete our training and become qualified. Then, they would go through our content factory training.

Once they do, they’ll see that they don’t need to hire an SEO expert or anyone else for this kind of work. But what’s important is that they’re hands-on and willing to implement these strategies. They’re not afraid of technical details, which is great because then everyone else in Tommy’s group can see that SEO isn’t some magic trick—it starts with the real experience they have. If they don’t gather that, if they don’t have a lot of five-star reviews, or if their technicians don’t show up on time and do a good job, SEO won’t work.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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