How To Post A Blog With Mura

If you’re using Mura as your website’s Content Management System, you may be curious on how to post your blogs. 

After all, this is the best way to increase your site’s SEO ranking.

The first step is to click the three vertical dots to the left of the Blog folder. 

Next, click on ‘Add Content’. Then select ‘Page’ as the content type.

Adding a title is very important in order to draw potential readers in.

Make it attractive and snappy!

The featured image should be relevant to the topic and be placed before the text. This can attract the reader even more once they’ve clicked on your blog.

Next, take the first paragraph from the body and place it in the summary text box. Then click the Publishing Tab at the top.

You should also adjust the Meta Description as well. Place keywords in this description as the search engine will show this description underneath your title on the search page.

Select “one_column_blog_article.cfm” from the Layout Tab.

Then click the blue Publish button at the bottom!

After following these steps, you should be able to successfully post a blog on Mura!

Aarun Rumbaugh

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Aarun Rumbaugh