How To Cross-post An Article Or Blog Post Article On A LinkedIn Page

What this guide will teach you

This guide will teach you how to cross-post an article or blog post on a LinkedIn page. Cross-posting means posting content such as a message, link, or image to more than one platform. Platform refers to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Let's get on with it!


To execute this task, you will need the following:

  1. Content Admin access to the Content Factory LinkedIn page. You can send an email to to request access.
  2. The content to post

Step 1: Go to the Content Factory LinkedIn page

The link to the Content Factory LinkedIn page is Log in using your company account.

A screenshot of the BlitzMetrics LinkedIn page

Step 2: Click "Start a post"

LinkedIn's "Start a post" box

Step 3: Create the post

#1. Upload the video

A close-up of the "create a post" box

#2. Copy and paste the caption for the post. Don't forget to include the link to the blog post.

A blog post with the text highlighted

#3. Adjust the spacing of the sentences and paragraphs if needed.

#4. Watch at least 50% of the video or the entire video while skipping, to get the essence of the video, and then, create a caption or description.

Step 4: Click on "Post"

When you're sure that you've done it correctly and you're satisfied with the post, just click on "Post."


That's it. Good job!

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Verification Checklist

The LinkedIn post must meet the following criteria:

#1. You used the correct LinkedIn account.

#2. The post is using the correct caption.

#3. The post is featuring the link/s that are required to be included.

#4. You watched at least 50% of the video from the start to get the essence of the video.

#5. You have checked the post for errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency.