How to create your LinkedIn Professional Journey in just 3 clicks

LinkedIn bought SlideShare in 2012 for $119 million.
So if you want your LinkedIn profile to shine, you need to invest 5 minutes right now to set up your Professional Journey.


It’s a free tool made by LinkedIn and will take you less than 60 seconds to complete.
And it generates 4 sections (recommendations, education, experience, skills).
Each of these sections is interactive with multiple pages.

Step 1) Connect with your LinkedIn account:

This is called oAuth (open authentication), where you allow LinkedIn to pull in your information just like you’d do with authorizing Facebook or Apple for an app.
Just like their Resume Builder tool (go do that, too– it will take you 2 minutes literally), they suck in your information to make this super easy.

Step 2) Choose a theme:

There are only two themes right now.
Choose the first one (by default), since it has your headshot.
If you don’t have a professional headshot to use across all your social networks, make sure you do that, too.

Step 3) Click publish:

And you’re done.

You can see mine here.

If you’ve used the Resume Builder tool and Professional Journey tool, now you’ve got a traditional and interactive version of your resume.
In fact, your profiles on all the social network (which include and are extensions of your online presence.


Henry Hornecker

“This is an important tool in building a strong resume because nowadays it is nothing special to have a resume. Everyone applying for jobs will have a resume with volunteer and work experience; so in order to stand out to a future employer, you have to present a resume that stands out and demonstrates a knowledge of how to format your work in a professional manner.”

You’d want to use the same headshot across all of them and fill these out as completely as possible.

There are paid services like Visual CV and BrandYourself, but I don’t recommend it.
These are in a category called “reputation management”, where people pay to clean up negative publicity.
A step beyond that are “content marketing” services and agencies like Influence and Co that help create content for you.
Save yourself thousands of dollars by doing your own personal branding first.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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