How Showcase Remodels and One Day Bathroom Can Renovate Their Website and SEO

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Showcase Remodels’ Logo

Sam DeMaio has a Showcase Remodeling business outside Philadelphia in Washington Township, NJ.

Showcase Remodels want to improve their website SEO and focus more towards One Day Bathrooms, a branch of their site (and soon to be own website) that focuses mainly on bathroom remodeling since many of their customers are older 55+ that want to remodel their shower into a bathtub.

Showcase Remodeling is currently getting most of its business through referrals on Sam’s personal social media account and because of their strong reputation in the industry.

Sam’s connections with local celebrities like and satisfied customers have played a significant role in generating leads for the company. Some of these names include Fletcher Cox, Brandon Brooks, Brandon Graham, and Vinnie Curry.

The high-quality services and successful projects completed by Showcase Remodeling have fostered trust and credibility, leading to a steady stream of referrals from past clients, which is reflected in their impressive review rating.

This article delves into the challenges faced by Showcase Remodeling and outlines a comprehensive strategy to address them, focusing on digital marketing, operational efficiency, and customer engagement.

We want to amplify what’s already working.

Improving Showcase Remodels’ SEO:

Despite having a visually appealing website, Showcase Remodeling’s online presence is lacking. The website’s SEO is almost non-existent, with only 33 keywords, limiting its visibility on search engines.

Their lack of rankings on keywords highlights this.

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Showcase Remodel’s Organic Keywords

Showcase Remodels doesn’t rank on many keywords because their content and links to it don’t have enough authority. 

And as a result, they have a domain rating of only 3.4, mostly due to the insufficient number of backlinks and organic keywords they’re ranking on.

The quality of the backlinks and their authority is more important here.

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Showcase Remodel’s SEO Score

Showcase Home Remodelling is ranking at position 1 on their own name which is always good and the bare minimum. All changes to their most common organic keywords have improved in the last few weeks.

A large part of that improvement has been through backlinks coming from us and others.

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Showcase Remodel’s Backlinks

Our backlinks carry a lot of weight as a 62 DR site so any link from us can improve another site in a very short period of time.

Adding local citations for Showcase Remodeling and soon, One Day Bathroom, will help improve their DR rank even more.

They are being carried by their GMB right now with over 196 verified Google reviews. What this means is that they’re good at their job – and Google should start to reward them soon.

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Showcase Remodel’s GMB

Showcase Remodels top 3 competitors are listing categories they don’t have listed and ranking well. They should add “Contractor”, “Remodeler”, “Bathroom remodeler”, and “Kitchen remodeler” to compete.

Their LocalFalcon score could also use some improvement.

They have a strong presence in Washington Township but begin lagging in relevance everywhere else.

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Showcase Remodel’s LocalFalcon Score

Website Changes That Would Benefit Showcase Remodels:

Screenshot 2024 03 30 at 10.14.42 PM 1
Showcase Remodels’ Homepage

To rank better and improve SEO, Showcase Remodels should follow Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines.

This includes experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

The first step would be in having a proper heading with their phone number in the upper right hand corner, as well as some local service pages. Particularly around Philadelphia and the areas they would like to rank higher on.

The good news is that they have a large portfolio of before and after images of their jobs.

Screenshot 2024 03 30 at 10.20.25 PM 1
Showcase Remodel’s Before and After Portfolio Examples

This is great as it broadcasts experience and authority – but the images should also be on local service pages so that authority and experience can be broadcasted.

A good portion of the audit talked about the need to broadcast that for One Day Bath, they want to be seen as professional.

In our audit we used the example of a competitor to how they’re site might otherwise look like.

image 97
Example Website

Since they want to appear professional and high quality, the messaging and images should reflect that alongside all the great work they do.

Improving Digital Marketing:

Sam’s approach to digital marketing has been sporadic, with no clear strategy in place. While he has experimented with Google Local Services and Facebook Ads, there is a need for a more cohesive and targeted approach to reach the desired audience effectively.

For example, they should copy their competitor who launched similar ads on Facebook.

image 98
Example Ads

In addition, using Dollar a Day to broadcast their success stories and find winners amongst them.

To enhance their website SEO we recommend:

  • Website Revamp: Update the website to make it more user-friendly and mobile-responsive. Ensure that the one-day bathroom service is prominently featured and easy to navigate.
  • SEO Optimization: Conduct keyword research to identify relevant keywords for the target market. Optimize website content, meta tags, and descriptions to improve search engine rankings.
  • Content Marketing: Develop a blog section to share informative articles, remodeling tips, and success stories. This will not only improve SEO but also establish Showcase Remodeling as an authority in the industry.


Showcase Remodeling has the potential to revolutionize its business by addressing the challenges it currently faces.

By enhancing its online presence, adopting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and streamlining operations, Sam can not only expand the one-day bathroom service but also position Showcase Remodeling as a leader in the remodeling industry.

Embracing these changes will pave the way for sustainable growth and continued success.

Showcase Remodels do great work – now it’s our job to help them showcase it to the world.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.