How Oasis IV Therapy Can Inject Life Into Their SEO in Tampa, FL

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Oasis IV Therapy is a mobile IV therapy company based in Tampa, Florida.

They specialize in IV drips to combat illness, migraine, nausea, and fatigue.

Based on their GMB, they also have over 90 5 star reviews – so they’re clearly good at what they do and have built a strong reputation around it.

The owner of Oasis IV Therapy, Angie Prchlik, and I met in downtown Tampa to audit their website.

They have the expertise and positive reviews, now we simply need to transfer that authority to their site for Google to notice.

All local service websites should follow Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines.

This includes experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

All SEO metrics are a result of how often these guidelines have been applied.

Oasis IV Therapy has a DR score of 1.5.

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The biggest reason is that their site has few backlinks and referrals. No one is linking to them as a result, Google isn’t picking up the signals it needs to.

Among the few backlinks they do have, they’re not getting any traction.

For example, among the few backlinks they do have – notice how low ranking they are.

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A few links from a DR 62 site (like the one we’re writing this on) will certainly help in boosting their SEO.

Let’s take a peek at their organic keywords.

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The most obvious area to improve on is their ranking for “IV Therapy Tampa”, since it occupies the most search volume.

There’s also plenty of room to improve for local areas like Brandon, South Tampa, and St. Petersburg for searches.

It’s important to note that there’s enough keyword volume for Oasis to take advantage of this. Especially considering their GMB ranking and how many happy customers they have.

Oasis IV Therapy’s saving grace: their Google Business Profile.

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Among businesses that appear under “Tampa IV Therapy”, Oasis has the most stars and reviews for their specific service.


Because they do good work – and Google wants to amplify businesses that follow E-E-A-T.

Their site is well put together – but as areas to improve.

The first actionable thing to do is replace all stock images with real customers. The more we can prove experience, the more Google rewards us with a higher ranking.

For example, when you visit their local service page for South Tampa, there are no images!

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Imagine if there were examples of all the clients they’ve served in South Tampa. Including stories with images and videos.

The same applies for other local service pages in places like St. Petersburg, Brandon, Westshore, etc.

The more we can demonstrate that Oasis IV Therapy has experience and expertise – which they certainly do to achieve 90 5 star ratings – the higher they can start ranking.

Oasis IV Therapy should start implementing PAA (people also ask) questions into their website.

The benefits of this include having the opportunity to be ranked among these search terms, which have a positive impact on keyword ranking.

For example:

  • What are the benefits of IV therapy?
  • How does IV therapy work?
  • What types of IV therapy are available in Tampa, FL?
  • How much does IV therapy cost in Tampa?
  • Is IV therapy safe?
  • How long does an IV therapy session last?
  • Are there any side effects of IV therapy?
  • Do I need a doctor’s prescription for IV therapy?
  • How often should I get IV therapy for optimal results?
  • Can IV therapy boost my immune system?
  • Is IV therapy effective for hangover relief?
  • Are there mobile IV therapy services available in Tampa?
  • What should I expect during my first IV therapy session?
  • How can I book an IV therapy appointment in Tampa, FL?

Answering these simple questions on video and text are a giant indicator that they’re trustworthy and have the experience Google’s looking for.

They’ve already done a decent job on their FAQs page, but should expand it on their home page and local service pages.

The good news is that they’re already starting to do this on TikTok and on their YouTube.

Collaboration with other medical professionals would go a long way.

Because they’re in the field of health, Angie should consider doing interviews and guest blog posts with other health leaders in Tampa.

These interviews can then be spliced up and integrated on their site and social media.

Even short 1 minute videos with them asking a few questions means you can share in their expertise and boost Oasis IV Therapy.

Why not interview medical students at USF on their thoughts on IV therapy?

The point is to leverage the expertise and authority of others and have them do the same for you.

Oasis IV Therapy should run PPC ads.

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s enough volume to start dominating local search ads in Tampa on terms such as “Tampa IV Therapy” and “Mobile IV Therapy” fairly easily.

Unfortunately, Oasis doesn’t yet have access to LSA ads other local services like plumbers and electricians can take advantage of.

On the other hand, by running these ads they can not only cut the line from an SEO standpoint, but boost their own traffic by proxy.

Oasis already has the ingredients to succeed.

All of this boils down to our ability to demonstrate E-E-A-T for Google.

We don’t have the reinvent the wheel here. In fact, most of the advice we offer is to simply implement and show the success stories they already have.

And the more documented happy customers they have, the more videos they link to, the more real stories of customers, the more demonstrations of experience, the better.

Oasis IV Therapy has already proven that they do good work in the Tampa area.

Now, they simply have to prove it.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.