How did NBA Team’s Fans React to their Team’s Playoff win or loss?


Playoff Fan Reaction

By: Aarun Rumbaugh

How did the playoff team’s fans react to their team’s performances yesterday in the second day of the playoffs?

  • The Houston Rockets, in falling to the Portland Trailblazers, also lost some engagement/storytellers (PTAT).
  • Portland gained 12,000 more storytellers via their win.
  • Washington came up with a surprising win against the Chicago Bulls, adding 2,500 engaged fans.
  • Charlotte and Dallas were the odd ones out ,as both teams actually increaed their PTAT% by 0.5% after losing.

We’ve seen before that winning fans engage far more than losing.
But perhaps some teams have more loyal fans.  Witness comments such as:

  • “I will never lose faith in my Mavs! Never would I stop cheering…. I’m always here through thick and thin!”
  • “The next game belongs to the Bobcats!”

If you’re the head of digital at any of these teams, how much success can you attribute to the team’s on-court performance, the loyalty of your fans, or the efficacy of your marketing initiatives?

Aarun Rumbaugh

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