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Here at BlitzMetrics, we love awesome content and promoting thought leadership on a variety of topics.

  • Do you have a well performing campaign that you’d love to showcase?
  • Do you or one of your clients have an interesting history that you’d love to tell others about?
  • Are you an industry expert who wants to share some killer knowledge, but can’t seem to find an audience?

If one of these apply, we’d love to hear it!


  • Take screenshots of the before and after performance of your ads and campaigns. Add in commentary on what tweaks you made and why. We want to be able to prove via hard numbers the increase in CTR, lower CPC, better conversion, more web traffic, and so forth.
  • Place this in a word document that you will submit via the form below.
  • Include your headshot and contact information, so people know how to reach you.
  • If applicable, Provide your Google+ account for authorship.
  • We will provide some feedback on what else to include, as well as perhaps some further optimization tips.
  • Before we get the article live, you agree to share it on your blog, Facebook, and twitter– as will we.
  • Once live, We recommend that you run $100 of Facebook ads ($3-4 a day for a month) targeting the influential folks in your industry to get yourself an extra boost.


  • Make sure that you’re not selling in the article, since it’s your demonstrated expertise that elevates you as a thought leader. Of course, standard guest posting etiquette applies here, too. Our goal is to promote thought leadership and help others learn through real-world experiences and scenarios.
  • Write succinctly, and with an active voice so that the content is easily read and absorbed.
  • Provide screenshots to accentuate your points. Highlight interesting information with a red circle.
  • We prefer real screenshots over stock art, but will accept them. If you do use them, please only use ones you have permission for / copyright-free art.
  • Break long paragraphs up so that they’re easier to read. Rule of thumb is every time context changes, or every 3 sentences- whichever comes first.

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