Facebook has 74% of the NBA’s fans… and they’re more loyal

 By Aarun Rumbaugh

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In fact, the stronger the team, the more Facebook fans they have. Chicago is at 91%, while Charlotte is at 50%.

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The top 50% of teams have 16.5% of their fans living in their home metro area. The bottom half average only 9.8%.
Is Facebook a barometer of real world loyalty?

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The Lakers, at 24 million fans, are 37% females. Milwaukee and Charlotte have 21% females, which is 43% less than the top teams.
Could it be that teams who actively engage both genders have stronger growth? What is it about their content and engagement strategy?

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Twitter fans tend to not live in their home city.
We believe that people connect on twitter because of topics, while Facebook is for real friends.

Team that have made it into the Playoffs have more than double the engagement of teams that don’t– 6.18% vs 2.82% PTAT.
Fans with winning teams are more engaged than fans of losing teams.
Chicago is the only outlier. They made the Playoffs, but have a 2.5% PTAT. It’s their large, dormant fan base.

So engagement is often out of  the control of marketing, and driven by team performance.
How do you separate the impact of external versus factors within your control?

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Stay tuned!
In our next segment, we’ll cover twitter across the NBA in more detail.

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